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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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To search past editions click on the following link: http://thedailyclips.docpit.com/ Top Headlines ? There Will Be More Retail Stores Opening Than Closing In 2017 ? Study: Majority Of Grocery Sales Are Digitally Driven ? Retailers: Gomobile ! ? Auto Shoppers On Desktops Call Dealerships More Than Mobile Users ? Put The User First, And Revenue Will Follow ? Where Will VR Fit Into Local Advertising? ? Youtube Expands Into More Markets -- Will Price Competition Follow? ? A New Facebook Collection Ads Feature Will Help Print Catalogs Translate To Mobile ? Local Digital Tv Sports Network Stadium Begins Operation ? Apple News Is Experimenting With ?Featured Video? Section ? Nielsen Says Ratings Delayed Due To Irma, Cites Its Proximity To Hurricane ? Costar Group To Acquire Forrent For $385M ? 'New York Times' Expands Exclusive Real-Estate Listings Online ? Daily Clips Recruitment Ads?Who?s Hiring

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