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Monday, September 11, 2017

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To search past editions click on the following link: http://thedailyclips.docpit.com/ Top Headlines ? Zenith Ad Forecast Downgraded Again ? Analyst: Rumors Of Macy's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated ? What Retailers Spend On Lobbying To Influence Trump ? Mercedes Dealers Boost Local Ad Spending ? Facebook, Twitter Political Ads Should Mimic Tv Rules ? Discounts Could Erode Brand Loyalty Among Cpg Customers ? Youtube Targets Advertisers With Six-Second Ads Bigging-Up Its Advertising ? Native, In-Feed, Other New Formats Propel 'Display' To Dominant Internet Ad Share ? Google Changes Adwords Guidelines In Response To Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention ? I Didn't Know That! ? Turnaround At San Francisco Chronicle Shows Way For Legacy Newspapers ? Arbitrator: West Virginia Paper Owes $3.8 Million ? Judge Allows Sale Of Alaska's Largest Newspaper ? Daily Clips Recruitment Ads?Who?s Hiring

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