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Sunday, September 10, 2017

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To search past editions click on the following link: http://thedailyclips.docpit.com/ A big thank you to all of you who wished us luck through Hurricane Irma! Using a generator and withstanding 100mph winds and over 24 inches of rain in a very short period of time Clips was sent to you under the most challenging of conditions?Thanks Top Headlines ? Target Lowers ?Thousands? Of Prices ? Nordstrom Tries On A New Look: Stores Without Merchandise ? Macy's, Target Unleash New Fashion Campaigns ? Ftc Issues New Endorsement Guides, Takes Hard Line On Disclosures ? Cannabis Advertising Takes To The Skies ? Rubicon Project Promises An End Of ?Black Box? Era As It Tests New Auction Dynamics ? Dozens Of College Newspapers Across The U.S. Are Launching Their Own Snapchat Discover Channels ? Publishers Should Observe Start-Ups To Predict Future News Innovations ? Pay Attention To The Baby Boomers ? Herald Slams Globe For Ongoing Printing, Delivery Problems ? Newsonomics: Mort To Ferro: Take My Paper, Please! (And A Few Other Headlines About The New York Daily News) ? Daily Clips Recruitment Ads?Who?s Hiring

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