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Monday, September 4, 2017

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To search past editions click on the following link: http://thedailyclips.docpit.com/ Top Headlines ? The Problem With The Holiday Season ? The Changing Digital Grocery Market: How Much Do You Really Know? ? Amazon Is Promising NFL Advertisers It Will Track Whether Their Ads Get People To Buy Things On Amazon ? 7-Year-Old Programmatic 'Startup' Simpli.Fi Exits, Termed 'Significant' ? 'Guardian' Sets Up U.S. Journalism Nonprofit ? Whole Foods' Price Comparison Of Five Grocers Shows Wal-Mart's Not The Cheapest ? Do We Really See 4,000 Ads A Day? ? Boone Buys 2 Daily Newspapers In Kentucky ? Conservative Publishers Wants Nothing More To Do With Times ? Janet Elder Named To Lead New York Times Effort To Attract Philanthropic Funding To Support ?Ambitious Journalism? ? These Are Not The Best Of Days At Alt-Weekly The Village Voice. ? The Washington Post Leverages Automated Storytelling To Cover High School Football ? Daily Clips Recruitment Ads?Who?s Hiring

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