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Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Top Headlines ? Macy's Launches Private Label Wines ? Consumers Admit To Too Much Screen Time ? Study: Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites Disappearing From Top Google Results ? Programmatic Adoption Continues As Industry Shifts Attention To Quality ? Marketers, Agencies Split On Impact Of 'Iot,' Feel Equally Ignorant About What It Actually Is ? Brand Engagement On Instagram Is High?For Now ? Mobile Location-Based Ads Must Hit Audience Spot On ? Highest Cost Per Click For Search Keywords This Year ? Linkedin Now Gets 45 Percent Of Its Ad Revenue From Native Ads ? Binge Viewing Of TV Programs A Wide Spread Behavior ? Publishers Latest Mobile-Engagement Trick: The Truncated Article Page ? Digital Nears A Third Of New York Times Ad Revenue ? Here's What The New York Times' 1 Million Subscriber Number Means ? Lee Enterprises Reports Third Quarter Earnings ? Daily Clips Recruitment Ads?Who?s Hiring Macy's Launches Private Label Wines Macy?s is introducing a new line of private label wines to be sold in select stores and restaurants. The retailer is teaming with KDM Global Partners, a Philadelphia-based winemaker and custom label specialist, to produce the wines, all selections from California. Three varietals will be available starting this fall: a Chardonnay, a Cabernet

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