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Bob Shiles Davenport, Robert Chavis and Staff Adelina writer Shee bring a myriad of experience and she said. ?That helps the various municipalities in Staff writer


blaze at




Linda Revels. Abbi PEMBROKE Overfelt ? The Lumbee Tony Summers, a volunteer with where the fire began. resources There had to been the private investment and Council the state, members including Homer helping Maxton preserve its Tribal Council is demanding to the close Smith?s the government Township department, down requested heavy financial rain situation.? earlier documents. in the evening Thursday?s on preservation of these former the following government-owned coun- Campbell town hall. and Lesaundri Hunt Adelina LUMBERTON Shee special meeting 12 Fields, Steve Sampson, Larry that Chairman Paul Brooks ?? provide its City members Council with on informa- passed from a ladder Thursday that was that extended asks to trated a began. ple signed a petition in buildings to go further In other action, the was broke included both of in his a ankles resolution in the fall Council Wednesday, members shortly More are than before frus- 500 the to 5, peo- fire with The Wednesday RED SPRINGS agreed ? A Robeson with Brooks for not cil members voting in favor: were absent. tion they need to put together that gable the on the requested roof of a financial building, Beasley said. He be was turned treated over and to released because complex they claim were tial they injured plans have by in a the Revels, city blaze, to tive for people to come in ? Approved a mutual handing No over residents requested March of that records the opposed apartment ini- and makes it very attrac- council: County explore firefighter options is to recovering preserve today Louise Mitchell, Pearlean A shutdown of the government would affect all of the the tribe?s fiscal 2013-14 budget, saying if that doesn?t hap- McDuffie at Southeastern Cummings, Regional chair- Medical right to which see that was raze tribal contained the money building, in 15 is minutes, which and put the money in.? aid agreement between documents after a he 96-year-old fell nearly 17 historical feet while Bobby Oxendine, working to building extinguish in downtown Lumberton. a fire at Robinwood Charles Bullard, Larry Chavis, tribe?s programs, from housing pen, it will shut down the tribal man Center. of the It is council?s unclear why Finance he fell, but spent but in accordance those who is located live with in HUD building at 104 McDuffie N. No. Elm 1 According to Turner, the Lumberton Abbi Overfelt | Civitas Media Fire Apartments in Red Springs, Cummings, Terry and energy programs targeting the tribe?s young people government. Committee. Beasley said The his boots resolution may have guidelines become calls slick for after the walking tribe?s in attor- mud that home of City Hall, a fire- Apartments in the National in Red Springs Registrar began in the Smyrna kitchen of unit Volunteer 1C. The blaze Fire was were and evacuated regulations. St. and overnight has while been Campbell, the A the fire Anita that building Blanks, caused nearly is Terry included $20,000 damage Department to two units at and Robinwood the according Cathleen to Red Springs Turner, Fire Chief The threat to meet with also Tim regional Beasley. Attempts on Friday to Collins, Danita Locklear, and elders. officials director U.S. Department for ney covered to immediately the ground prepare near the the building reach Brooks house and and Tribal a See second-floor fire Walter | 8A extinguished of Historic in about District. 15 minutes. Lowery and William ?This Department. is a drastic step. Preservation of Housing and North Urban paperwork needed to challenge Administrator Tony library. Hunt It requires for Maiden. almost Those ?With opposing such an the excellent were location, Terry No one ? Approved wants to a shut request the Carolina Development that aims officials to proteccuss and what promote needs histori- be done on Brooks? decision to deny the The resolution renovation passed work. at Jonathan a wonderful Locklear, opportunity Evan emergency See SHUTDOWN purchase of | 6A a to dis- in the tribe?s Supreme Court comment were unsuccessful. half a million dollars resolution in


it Hunt, presents


from Public Works for an cal buildings in the state, Adelina Shee | The Robesonian Turner said the organization would be able to continue and enjoy it,? Freeman Lift Station. for the community to replacement pump for the spoke to the City Council The city and Preservation North Carolina will be working together during its Council Policy to keep the old City Hall at 104 N. Elm St. because of its architectural and historical value. scout potential buyers. mendous amounts of his- order for the Tanglewood market the building and she said. ?It


still has




? Approved


a change meeting about what the non-profit could do. ?Tax credits are available for national-regis- Turner said toric fabric.? Sanitary Sewer Twin ?We?ve sisters worked with ties across the state on folks are eager to see preserved,? Turner said. ?We tered listed properties,? profit has worked with See CITy | 8A






countless Danielle Burrill, communi- historic properties that left, and Allyson Burrill died five


years apart after


as health

RALEIGH (AP) ? North Carolina parents and educators are getting a clearer pic- brief illnesses.

Daddy?s little helper

Their family and ture of how prepared high school students friends are trying are for college-level


work, and the answer


to raise $15,000 is that students on average are below their for a headstone peers nationwide. for Allyson and The company behind the ACT college a burial plot admission Kelly test said MayoWednesday that the average score Staff fell writer on the exam taken in spring


for both sisters so they can be 2012, the first RALEIGH time North ? Carolina Lumberton required native buried together. all high school Laura juniors Gerald to take has it. resigned There were as the Allyson was a no results state available health this director morning and on director how of the Division of Public Health


student at The


students from Robeson County fared on the University of exam. after 18 months on the job. North Carolina at Nationwide, She almost is being a third replaced of this year?s on an Pembroke. high school interim graduates basis who by a took physician the ACT who is also a Robeson County native. KElly MAyo tests are not prepared for college-level writing, biology, algebra social science classes, The North Carolina Department Staff Photo writer courtesy of Lisa Steffes according of to Health data the and testing Human company Services released Wednesday. gave no reason The company?s for Gerald?s annual res- LUMBERTON ? Southeastern Academy has re-opened enrollment report also ignation found a and gap between The students? and increased class sizes, but the interests Robesonian now and projected was job opportunities when unable they graduate, to reach adding her to the dire plaintiff in a complaint filed against the school last month says students outlook for for the a comment. class of 2013. Her who remain on a waiting list to enroll ?The readiness resignation of students letter leaves a lot to are being shoved to the side. be desired,? said said she Jon has Erickson, had president of The Rev. Mac Legerton, director of the Iowa-based ?significant company?s differences and dis- education division. many Adelina Shee | The Robesonian Burglars the Center caused for $400 Community worth of damage Action, when a they broke this window at the Robeson County Church and Community Center, a local nonprofit that provides services, Lumberton including nonprofit, providing food said and Robeson clothing for the poor. The statewide agreements average with of 18.7 points in County?s newest charter school has the test of many English, of the math, policy reading Laura and Gerald science knowledge and administrative was below the national




followed the procedure outlined


that helps

to unite


by the Office of Charter Schools in average of directions 20.9. North that Carolina?s I see unfolding average in putting students a waiting list. composite North score Carolina.? fell from 21.9 points last ?Plans are now to leave them on year, when Gerald just one was in five appointed North Carolina by then- Gov. Bev Perdue, a Democrat, in


the waiting list and not allow them to students chose to take the ACT. The ACT?s

by two break-ins

register for the new slots,? Legerton highest possible January total 2012. score Perdue is 36. did not seek said re-election and Pat McCrory, a


a statement. ?The remedy



in death

North Carolina is one of just nine states this situation would be to place all that tests Republican, all high school is juniors. now governor. It?s part of those on the waiting lists for each a statewide Bill requirement Smith, measuring director whether of grade the new application pool and students are the learning Robeson what they County need for Health college. Department, was disappointed to Adelina Shee According to Jacobs, the burglars add them to a potential lottery.? Staff writer attempted to steal a 32-inch flat screen Legerton said the school also failed State lawmakers hear about agreed Gerald?s in 2011 resignation. to eliminate four standardized ?It is very end-of-course disappointing tests in to LUMBERTON ? The director of a valued at about $350, but they didn?t get to give parents enough time to enroll local nonprofit that works to help the far with it. their children or adequate information Kelly about Mayothe process in the five Fund Me tion,? Smith said in Robesonian a statement. photo for both read of Dr. Gerald?s resigna- poor sisters. disappointed To donate, that visit it Go has been said. a ?We loved ?We her were dearly.? North Carolina high schools to shift juniors able to recover those items victim at crime twice in three weeks. The fund-raising here,? she effort said. will ?They include had the to take the ACT to evaluate student performance. Students taking the ACT as juniors tried to hide months Staff writer since it became a charter teallyanddani. Madison Jackson, 4, middle, and her twin brother Matthew, both of St. Pauls, help put the shine back on this fire ?Unfortunately, truck. The two children it is were also helping very ?We?re saddened that someone wants ?Making it Dreams on the Come property.? True? Benefit their Allyson, father, Chris, a member of the St. Pauls Fire Department. understandable. From an ideology and fiscal standpoint, public to attack a junior an and organization Air Force ROTC who?s trying on Saturday Jacobs from 2 said p.m. the until center?s midnight can use their senior year to prepare for college-level work. Home Store, PEMBROKE ? Family See WAIT friends | 8Aof cadet at to UNCP, do good died on in June the 2 community,? at age 21. at said the Long located County next Wildlife to the Festival center?s in main office, twin sisters who died in their sleep five Danielle health has been taking serious Darlene died on Jacobs, March 28, the 2008, executive at age director Ludowici, was Ga. broken Activities into will on July include 18.a ?When we began this process, we knew hits. I have worked


years apart are reaching


out through the 15. She


of was the Robeson a cheerleader Community at Bradwell


Center 19-foot and water


?They slide, found zip line,


the corn safe,? hole that our first scores would be lower, but it is said Greg

Party nothing

Internet in an effort to reunite the girls High School Church. and ?But a member at the same of the time, youth we tournament, know Maynor, mechanical assistant bull, director glow run of the important to get a true picture with of Dr. where Gerald we community music. center. ?They stole roughly are in order to improve,? while state Superinten- she was with in the same burial plot. group there at Gum are Branch supporters Baptist who Church are in willing and to live rock They are making an appeal in Robeson Hinesville. the Lumberton come in to support us and provide, and A total $500, of $2,840 an expensive had been raised camera, on dent June Atkinson said. ?We know we have a checkbook County because one of the sisters was a Steffes Children?s Clinic, Michael Biesecker donate was to Allyson?s us as well.? biology lab partner at UNCP, can distrib- to rebuild. while she was in Go Fund Me as and of today. they A a former broke yard sale candidate another in our work cut out for us in terms of raising window student at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke when she died almost She said to char- While state the Democratic Secretary?s Associated Press The center?s but never building met Danielle. on West the Fifth Burrills? on the neighborhood side, ute which and any will a leftover cost drink student expectations and preparing 100 percent of our students for community college- about funds $375 Street Allyson was loved broken bull-riding, into on surfing and ity, to other candidates or their Party Chairman office Randy Voller while July 18 sale and during to replace.? Community Night Out three months ago. just traveling, after midnight but her on true Wednesday. passion in Hinesville Jacobs on Aug. said 3 RALEIGH ? Former North political there raised about or university-level work.? party. also had been Lisa Steffes, a Lumberton resident, was the Air didn?t dispute she that was with Perdue?s the Jacobs Force. said burglars broke a window $1,500, Brooks recent said. The ACT reported that 31 percent of all attempts Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue Perdue to aggressively steal air-conditioning raised Bill money Smith and Mamie Brooks and Kayko Thompson, both from Georgia ? all friends ?She could Community have helped, Care he to had enter just early been Thursday, accepted into causing the an estimated Brooks, who is the units benefit?s has closed her campaign money from primary high school graduates tested nationwide for her the 2012 center, re-election praised her Network decision to ? give at Contributed of pilots accounts, distributing the more program $400 and worth was looking of damage. forward organizer, which said a forced second bid management yard sale is were not ready for any college coursework right up until to she install withdrew all some times of she her was campaign gracious funds and The the center?s Burrill office family was of ransacked Hinesville, by burglars Ga. ? who were to that upon than $1.2 million political war ?They graduation were looking from for UNCP,? money because planned metal for Sept. cages 14 in Georgia from around ?because requiring English, science, math or reading the race that the January. units. apparently are leading looking the for fundraising cash. About $5,000 campaign in damage Steffes At progressive-minded. to the Triangle I Community believe she chest raised for her derailed they said. ransacked the front office here and we did so good on the last one and skills. The other 69 percent of test takers and called losses the have Reunite occurred Ally in the and two Dani break-ins. Memorial Fund, named after Allyson and Dani- and vacations with her family in Lum- She said Danielle was ?very religious? dards. num-and charity. I am sure she will be back Steffes said Allyson shared holidays we have a lot of stuff left the over.? time, the incumbent met governor at least would one Foundation, of have the been four subject-area a good Durham-based for the stan- state 2012 re-election bid. damaged the desk,? Jacobs said. See faced VICTIMIZED dismal polling | 6A Nearly $800,000 went to bers and a criminal investiga-assistintion. ?With the Gov. public?s Perdue?s health tenure soon.? NC elle Burrill. berton if she was unable to return to and wanted to become an orthopedic Just a quarter of this year?s high school the Democrat


and her husband headstone repay for Allyson personal and loans a burial plot ?Ally was like one of my children,? she aides and two wealthy demonstrating donors degree Carolina, the skills she public they?ll fully health understands need for from

lawsuit against Alcoa

The goal is to raise $15,000 for a Georgia. surgeon. Two of Perdue?s graduates closest cleared Gerald serving the bar the earned in people all four a subjects, of master?s North made to her political campaigns between 2000 and 2008, meanor charges related data. to The her Commonwealth numbers needed are in even the worse Fund community,? for Harvard black See later sisters pleaded | 8Aguilty to college misde- or Harvard a how career, greatly and according and these completed to company funds are the according to campaign finance 2008 campaign. high school University graduates: Voller said. Fellowship Only ?We 5 percent look in Minority forward were



disclosure reports filed








for dams


Republican Pat McCrory deemed was fully Health to ready the Policy. for governor?s life She after received high continued school. medical training findings suggest at Johns that Hopkins many week with the N.C. Board of elected governor the following The report?s involvement and her support Emery P. Dalesio dams were built beginning a century Gov. ago. Bev The Perdue lawsuit distributed asks a $1.2 state million miles she raised to the for a east re-election of Charlotte The river runs for AP about photo 200 Elections. November, heavily outspending the eventual Democratic campus or dates.? students for the party and its candi- Associated Press Former School will struggle of Medicine when they arrive and Johns on bid Another $200,000 went to a RALEIGH ? North Carolina that court never judge happened, in Wake but none County of it went to to the and state becomes Democractic the Party. Pee Dee River Hopkins they?ll be Hospital, forced to after take remedial which she Adelina pair of writers assisting Perdue nominee. McCrory?s campaign Perdue, 66, has kept a relatively low profile since leaving officials Shee Sheriff?s Maj. Anthony wound. Investigators found Anyone with information is asked raised to contact more than the courses ? filed a lawsuit Friday in with her autobiography and exception rule that of the a state $16,163 retains check ownership rights Democratic before entering political consultant South Carolina returned often without to Lumberton earning credits and joined ? Thompson was releasing few his body after receiving a Staff $12 million, a writer to catch their long-running fight with Alcoa about $120,000 went to a charity. Most of the remainder was and repaying the party to the for postage submerged from on Raleigh. its route ?It?s to not the shocking Atlantic National peers. Health Service Corps details this morning about call about a person being Robeson compared County Sheriff?s with about $4 The million data office in January, spending the Inc. over who will control the land, printing. so North Carolina now has Ocean. that she The made dams sure she powered got an to reveal practice a downturn general in pediatrics. overall student Lt. Gov. scores spring semester as a fellow at the death of James Marcellus shot. It?s not clear who made Office by calling for 910-671- Democratic water and electric power that rights paid to lawyers and campaign That decision to a stake is likely in the to rile hydropower paid aluminum back. That smelter won?t that dismay closed Walter in Dr. since Robin 2009. Cummings, Company director officials LUMBERTON ? A of Floyd. the call or if anyone else was 3100. People with Dalton. information can remain Republicans anonymous.also more gained students of Government at Harvard attribute the the John F. Kennedy School comes from the state?s secondlargest river system for the next staff. some of her dams. past supporters. anybody.? 2007 and the company has since Department slide to updated of Health standards Human and 45-year-old Shannon man Floyd, who lived at 1145 at the home. None went to the cashstrapped North Carolina body ?This A state amplifies environment what every- agency A sold request the for electricity comment to sent commercial customers. Services? taking Office the exams of ? Rural including Health was found dead in his home Crenshaw Road, was found Thompson expects to have The Robesonian veto-proof supermajorities will many with in University. She is expected to begin a stint at Duke 50 years. then already rejected knew, a water that quality Bev certification was Alcoa all needs about for Bev a new Under ?The state Yadkin law, once River a is cam- a North to Perdue and no Community intention of attending Care, will two- serve or as on Wednesday, and investigators are investigating his home. Floyd is believed to for release to the public later when islature, more leaving infor- the state?s few University?s Sanford School of dead at 7:24 a.m. inside his more information received available no response. update the both story chambers at robeso- of the four-year state leg-colleges. State officials said in the lawsuit that Alcoa Inc. has no own- Democratic Party or her former political allies, with the Perdue,? federal operating said Brad license, Crone, citing a paign?s Carolina bills and River,? debts are Gov. paid Pat Perdue interim health director. Cummings was born and raised in Pembroke death as a murder. have died from a gunshot today. mation is released. remaining elected Democrats Public Policy in See the act fall. | 8A ership rights to the bed of the the new dispute over riverbed and was a heart surgeon at a practice in Pinehurst before he retired. Yadkin River over which four property rights. See LAWSUIT | 6A Gov. Pat McCrory


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Carl Martin Carpenter Dial


Jr., Jr., 76, 46, St. Pembroke Pauls.


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Nation . . .. . .

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Barbara Simmons, 67, Fayetteville

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Julia John Davis, Heustess, 61, Wilmington 76, Clarkton



. . . .1B, 2B,


3B, 5B

. 1B Ronald Barnhill, 70, St. Pauls

Nation . . . . . . . . 5A

Helen Shirley Cole, Brisco, 57, 63, Laurinburg Trenton, N.J. Page 8A




20 70 percent percent chance chance of rain of rain For For details details go go to to Mostly sunny and warm. For details go to




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Belt and Lumber River win at regional tournament.

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