?Vintage Circle - Brand new street of 21 new single family homes forming in the heart of Ridge Ave. 3,200+ $499,000 Sq Ft, 5-6 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Granite countertops, rough attic option. Don't miss out! Beacon Ridge - 36 spectacular single family homes in a beautiful cul-de-sac setting. 3,300-4,000 Sq Ft, 5-6 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. 66 Garage and attic options available. An array of different models to choose from. Nice lots. Cory Acres - Looking to build your dream home? Magnificent 1 + acre lots. Special financing package available, ready to build lots, located across from Westgate. 4 Oversized lots available on very tranquil block. Either buy lot & build home or choose from selection of different semi-custom homes to be built. is independantly owned and operated. august 28, 2010 s''xc Volume 6 issue 34 loCal newS & PhotoS 1400 CHILDREN v''c ARE SPONSORED FOR THE NEW YEAR IN 147 SCHOOLS! IN ONLY A FEW DAYS OVER 500 JEWISH CHILDREN WILL u''j BE SENTENCED BACK TO PUBLIC SCHOOL! IT'S ohuca ohuca iuhsp! iuhsp! THEIR THEIR TRIAL TRIAL IS ON vbav vbav atr atr crg! crg! YOUR YOUR TRIAL TRIAL IS ON vbav vbav atr! atr! 75 Make sure they win their trial, and v''ht In 1995 Nechomas Yisroel enrolled its first public school child in Yeshiva. In just fourteen short years, more than 15,000 neshomos have been saved! Boruch Hashem, children are returning to Yiddishkeit at an unbelievable rate! 1338 Forty-First Street * Brooklyn, NY 11218 * Fax: 718.633.1620 email: nechomasyisroel@yeshivanet.com RUBIN WASTE DISPOSAL, ISPOSAL, LLC Owner Operated ยท Over 30 yrs. experience ience * Fast reliable same day service * All jobs ? nished in just one trip * Competitive pricing 87 2 54 !lhgr os kg sung, tk We are a not-for-profit organization * all donations are tax-deductible CALL NECHOMAS YISROEL 24-HOUR HOTLINE TODAY 718.851.0340 WE MUST ACT NOW! we will all be winners on the Yom HaDin! vsn sdbf vsn 18 25 11 LAKEWOOD


This ad sponsored by CALL TODAY TO SPONSOR A CHILD ASSOCIATED $75 Monthly $100 UROLOGISTS Monthly Sponsors an Sponsors a CHARLES S. TOMASZEWSKI, M.D. Elementary High School Parkway 70 Plaza School Child Student 1255 Route 70 Suite 33-S Lakewood, NJ ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 732.364.1664 Serving Monmouth, Middlesex & Ocean Counties www.rubindisposal.com Le'inyanei Tzedaka B'eretz Hakodesh 822-3427

Abe "Nuchi" Shapiro

BACK TO SCHOOL Specializing in New Construction Starting at $469,000 asking $265,000 PUT YOUR MARKETING ON HOLD Starting at $225,000 500 cHildren to puBlic scHool Boe opens sundaY for tHe first time tHe cleanup continues Harav Yaakov galinskY visits lakewood * We take everything - all stops left clean * Daily, weekly, monthly service * References available within the Lakewood Community * Custom-crafted messages * Unparalleled personal service * Professional voice prompts * Superior audio Cell: 347.675.2885 Office: 732.901.0701 fax: 732.901.0401 ON THE MOVE REALTY abeshap@hotmail.com THIS RENDERING IS FOR ILLUSTR ATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. This rendering is an illustration of the general features of the community. Buyer should inspect detailed subdivision, utility and construction plans on file in construction office and the public offering statement (POS) for information regarding physical features of community. Subject to change without notice ! Increase sales Call improve caller retention for info & and put a polish speCs on paCket your professional image with CUSTOMIZED ON-HOLD MARKETING 877.702.8466 * 732.370.6300 sales@phonamations.com * www.phonamations.com

ShabboS hatzolah thiS Coming ShabboS

What are you waiting for? Morgage rates are extremely low!! Call today on theses & many more options. Cushman Place Cushman Place Townhomes - Bordering Chateau Park. 2,750 Sq Ft., 5 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths. Features include Hardwood in LR, DR, FR, Foyer & Hallway, Master Suite with Walk-in Closet and Master Bath with 6 Ft Jacuzzi Tub with Jets. Finished $399,000 25.00' 25.00' 25.00' 39.06' Basement Option Available & much more! 38.62' 25.00' DECK 16x12 PROP. LOT PROP. LOT PROP. LOT PROP. LOT PROP. LOT PROP. LOT 54.01 54.02 54.03 54.04 54.05 54.06 14.1' 14.00' 55.00' Lincoln Street 25.00' 25.00' PROP. CONC. SIDEWALK CUSHMAN STREET (732) 589-5274 55.00' Lincoln St - Across from Pine River Estates, on serene block. 2,800+ Sq Ft, 5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Rough attic included in price. 9 ft ceilings on first floor. Hardwood in LR/DR. Recessed lighting & much more. 140.00' Over 25 years exp. working for the Hassidic community in Brooklyn DISCOUNTS FOR THE LAKEWOOD COMMUNITY

$104 AnnuAl Contribution Helps HAtzolAH respond to over 3,000 CAlls AnnuAlly

This coming Shabbos, Parshas Ki Savo, is known in Lakewood as "Shabbos Hatzolah." The annual Shabbos provides the growing Lakewood kehillah with the opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation of Hatzolah's vital role in the community by participating in the annual Tomech Hatzolah campaign with a $104 yearly contribution. The annual campaign was launched decades ago by the rosh yeshiva, Rav Shneur Kotler zt"l, and the mashgiach, Rav Nosson Wachtfogel zt"l. To this day, it remains the primary avenue thorough which Hatzolah covers its operating budget. Hatzolah during the time of Rav Shneur covered just a few blocks in continued on page 8

lakewood'S RoadS: aRe they Changing to meet the timeS?

Traveling on Lakewood's roadways is nothing like what it used to be. What was once a sleepy resort town engineered for the mild two way traffic on narrow roads has developed into a crowded busy community with tight schedules and unique traffic patterns. The changes put Lakewood's needs more in line with those of a larger city than suburbia. The challenge of keeping the service abilities of local roadways up with the growing needs surely can not be underestimated as well. While a master $429,000 continued on page 89

Ruth Bendkowski Personal Cook

Select Dates Still Available Before Yom Tov!

Call now to schedule a day to have Ruth Bendkowski come to your house and cook up a storm.

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nJ eduCation loSeS FedeRal gRant

You win some and you lose some. In the case of close to $400 million that was part of a "Race to the Top" $26 billion education package to be shared with a number of states intent of demonstrating reforms to the system, this was a loss for New Jersey that breeds downright aggravation - especially in view of the fact that it can be attributed to a one-page error in the application process. "This is the stuff that drives people crazy about government, about Washington," commented Christie in reference to the state's loss of points on one application 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 850 Credit Score


57 section because it provided figures for 2010 and 2011 instead of the requested amounts from 2008 and 2009. It's about federal application reviewers who "just wanted to check boxes" and "how form won continued on page 32 We Can Raise Your Credit Score by 50 to 100 Points! Lowest Prices GUARANTEED! Flat Rate Credit Card Settlements! Home Equity Lines of Credit! Open Sunday, Monday & Wednesday 11-6


Tuesday & Thursday 11-9 Friday 10-3 Chaim Sochet Ari Ortner iDesign 732.905.0679 732-363-4009 310 3rd Street

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