Venture into nature

Travel off the beaten path and enjoy the pristine environment thatCanadahastooffer,withits39 nationalparksandhundredsofprovincialparks. Enjoythesceneryasyoutravelin yourRV. n Water lover'sparadise:Canadahasthelongestcoastlineofany country with sea coasts on three sides. And in between, the map of Canada is literally blue with thousandsoflakes. So water activities such as fishing,canoeing,kayaking,sailingand powerboatingareatraditionalpart ofsummers. Youcanevenstrapasmallboator canoetotheRVortowamuchlarger boatbehind. When you arrive at that perfect lake or river, explore the shore or planforaspottofishasthesunrises thenextmorning. n Watchforrarebirdsandwildlife: If you love nature and enjoy the tranquility of Canada's wilderness parks, make sure you come equippedwithbinoculars. You can pass many enjoyable hours in a secluded spot watching carefullyforthelocalwildlifehidden amongthetreesorinthemarshland closeby. n Beautyofnature:Familiesand friendslearnsomethingnewabout themselves when they are cut off fromtheratraceofmoderndaylife. Th eycometorealizethegrandeur andbeautyofnaturethatsurrounds themastheymarvelatthepowerof anelectricstormorthebeautyofa sunset. RVerscandotheirparttohelppreserve the great outdoors for future generationsby keepingyourRV on roads that it is equippedto handle andby leavingyourcampsitesand theplacesyouvisitcleanerthanyou foundthem. -GoRVing.ca AD{CS4248484} MPSSCS4248484MPSE


-100+ Acres of river trails &green space -Just over 1hour from Calgary -Huge Sites, Fully Serviced -Endless amenities for all ages es -IntroductoryPrices from $49,900 ,900 00 PHOTOCOURTESYRVIA VacationingbyRVcanactuallycutdownonthecarbonfootprintyourfamily leavesonholiday.Practisegreenhabitslikesavingsbottlestorecycle. For More Information Contact Ryan McCool 403-669-8160 or Bill Bridgewater (marketing -CIR Realtors) 403-850-0114


TheCalgarySun n THURSDAY,JUNE14,2012


The The T@B T@B is is Back! Back!

From: $16,900

ONLY $179/mth Dryweight only 1600 lbs


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Atfirstglance,RVingmaynotlook likeanenvironmentallyfriendlyway to vacation, but Go RVing Canada saysby RVing,Canadiansareactuallychoosingagreeneralternativeto traditionalvacations. A study conducted by PKF Consulting, a third-party independent researchfirmspecializing in travel andtourism,foundafamilyoffour choosingtotakeanRVvacationwill generatefewertotalcarbondioxide emissionsthanafamilytravellingby plane,rentingacarandstayingina hotel. RVersaregenerallyprettyenvironmentally conscious to begin with, sincealargepartoftheRV lifestyle hastodowithenjoyingandrespectingthegreatoutdoors.Byanalyzingcarbondioxideemissionsofvacationsvaryinginlength from three, seven, 10 and 14 days, PKFdiscoveredinallcases,RVvacationsactuallyhadlessofanenvironmentalimpactthanmoretraditional vacations. Because many RVers park their RVsatagivencampsitefordaysand sometimesweeksatatime,theircarbonfootprintisreducedevenmore. Here are a few ideas to have a greenervacation: nUsenon-toxiccleaningsupplies andtankadditives. n Recycleasyoutravel.Takenote ofcampgroundrecyclingcategories -theymaybedifferentfromthose youuseathome. n Work with nature. In hot weather,usenaturalshade,awnings andcanvascovers.Incoldweather, position your RV so it will be protectedfromnorthandwestwinds. n Minimize the use of disposables. Mix your own cold drinks from powders and assign a mug to eachpersonratherthanusingpaper cups. n Don'tputanythingintothefire pitthatwillnotburn,includingsuch thingsasplastics,foilsandmetals. n Keep RV and tow-vehicle engines well-tuned to conserve energyandreduceemissions. -GoRVingCanada,withfilesfromRVDA



706 9Avenue North Carstairs, Alberta

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