RV Kiddin' around innature Travellingwithkidscanbe stressfulforthewholefamily. ButatripwithanRV turns avacationintoagreatexperienceforparentsandchildren alike. In fact, you can even bringthefamilypetalong. Notonlyisitagreattimefor the family to bond together, the children appreciate spendingtimewiththeirparents,doingthingstogether.


Don'twastemoneyonfood they don't like, or appreciate, when you can prepare their favourite quick meals, drinksandsnacksinyourown kitchen. No need to go hunting for arestaurant that willsuitthe tastesofeveryoneinthefamily - and end up with sulking children because Daddy didn't stop. And you don't needtowastevaluabledriving time;whenoneofthechildren Cargamesareagreatway topasstimewhenyou'redrivinglongdistances,aswellasa greatwaytointeractwithyour family. Herearesomepopularcar gamestotry: nTh eLicencePlateGame: is thirsty, you can have cold drinksinyourRV'sfridge. Of course, after all those drinks, you will probably needyour own toilet, too, so youdon'tneedtoworryabout takingadetourtofindaclean washroom.

Childrenneverseem tostayclean

Weathercanchangeinminutes,soit's nicetobeableto havechangesofclothesready forthehottest,wettestoreven coldestweather. And when kids get muddy or wet, they can shower and changeintosomethingfresh. So they can play to their heart's content and discover nature for themselves - by the lake, in the stream or on the beach - and then get cleanedupbeforeasupperby thefamilycampfireandbedtime-afteraperfectday. Trytospotlicenceplatesfrom all50states,10provincesand threeterritories. Whoever gets the most licenceplateswins. n The Alphabet Game: Come up with a subject and come up with an example of Kidsliketoplay withotherkids Yourchildrenwillmakelots ofnewfriendswhenyoustop at a campground, which are always popular with young familieswithRVs. Notonlywilltheymeetlots ofotherchildren,therewillbe amenitiessuchasswimming pools,playgrounds,minigolf, games rooms, or rentals of bikes,boatsandmovies. Th eymayevenhaveorganizedrecreationalactivitiesfor kids, to give mom and dad a break.


Whenyouareinthemiddle of nowhere and dad is busy fishing again, and mom is havingaquietrest,there'sno reasonthechildrencan'tfind plentytodoifyoupacktheir bikes,soccerball,frisbee,rollerblades, or favourite games andtoys. Eveniftheweatherisbad, they can still play games inside, read a book or watch amovie,especiallywhenyou TheCalgarySun n THURSDAY,JULY19,2012 PHOTOCOURTESYRVIA Anyparentknowsit'stoughtokeepkidsentertainedallthetime,sopackforsuccessbeforeyouhittheroad.Bringtheirtoys, moviesandfavouritesnacksalongforthetrip.Theymayevenmakeafewfriendsonceyou'reparkedatanRVcampground. thesubjectbeginningwiththe letter A,and proceed all the way to the letter Z, and then startoveragain! n The Milepost Game: Whoeverspotsthemostmilepostsignswins.Orkeeptrack of numbers and whoever reaches1,000firstwins. n Try to spot: Come up with something everyone must look for, such as "a red car,"andwhoeveristhefirstto spotitwins.Th ewinnerthen choosesthenextthingtolook for. n Backward Listening Game:Th efirstpersonsaysa seriesofwords.Th enextperson must repeat the words back,butbackwards. Take turns listening and repeating and keep adding more words to make it more useoneofthosestorageareas intheRV foralltheirfavouritethings. OrwhynotfilltheRV with thatwonderfulsmelloffresh baking, when the kids help momtomaketheirfavourite cookiesforasnack? Then everyone is happy, withabigsmileontheirfaces. -GoRVing.ca It'sgameonassoonasyouhitthehighway challenging. n I-Spy:Pickoutanitem inthevehicleoroutside,such as"grass"andhaveotherpeopletrytoguesswhatitis-"I spy with my little eye somethingthatisgreen." -CalgarySunfiles

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