?TheCalgarySun n SUNDAY,AUGUST12,2012 JILLELLIS SpecialtoQMIAgency Despite having different opinions on what comprises good study habits, experts agree that knowing one's learningstyleisthebestplace to start building good learningskills. "Most of us tend to have a learningstylethatreallyworks forus-wemaybeauditory (learn by hearing), tactilekinesthetic (learn by handson doing), visual (learn by seeing)ormusical(learnwith rhymesandsongs).Useyour preferredlearningstylewhen it counts," says Ria Tromp, resource development and programadministratorforthe Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta - Calgary Chapter. CherylMills,whohasbeen astudentsuccessfacilitatorat FanshaweCollegeinLondon, Ont.,foreightyears,saysparentsofyoungerchildrencan discovertheirchild's learning stylebyobservation. Forinstance,Millssaysthat ahigh-energychildwhoflits from one activity to another willdobetteriflearningispre- AD{CS4317003} MPSSCS4317003MPSE sentedinahands-onmanner. "It can be difficult to read a book if you're not a visuallearner," shesays."These types of children do better if they can act out the story andshouldbegivenfrequent breaks." Onceyouknowyourchild's learningstyle, gettheschool yearstartedontherightnote withagoodroutineforstudying.Th iswillgofarinensuring your child's success at every gradelevel,whetherheorshe haslearningdifficultiesorisa giftedstudent. Stampede City Basic tenets apply to most studysituations:Adesignated daily time to study, a quiet placetodohomework, good lighting, limited distractions andfrequentbreaks. "The length of the work period should reflect the child's ability rather than be anarbitrarynumber," Tromp says. "The break should involvemovementandfresh air rather than TV or video games.Soifyourchildhasan hour of work to do and can concentratefor20minutes,he orsheshouldhavetwomove- mentbreaks." Dr. Rebecca Coulter, a memberofthefacultyofeducationatWesternUniversity, says that parents can help children form good study 403-275-4722 www.StampedeCityGym.com habits by acquainting them withsuchlearningresources aspubliclibrariesandlibrarians,andhelpthemtodevelop criticalthinkingskills. "Teach them to have criti- BACKTOSCHOOL 55 Buildinggoodlearningskills


Gettingtheschoolyear startedontherightnote withagoodroutinefor studyinginplacewillgo farinensuringyourchild's successateverygrade level,nomatteriftheyhave learningdifficultiesorare giftedstudents. Building skills for life, SUPPLIEDPHOTO AD{CS4311992} MPSSCS4311992MPSE calperspectivesonwhatthey read," she says. "I think parentsneedtomodelrespectfor learning.Opinionsneedtobe basedonevidencetobetrustworthy." memories for alifetime.

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