8 Junior l Light 2-Cycle 235# Junior l Light 4-Cycle 235# yamaha KT100S Heavy 2-Cycle 370# Junior ll Light 4-Cycle 285# Day 3 - Wednesday Stock Light 4-Cycle 320# Brgs Aml Blue Waz Hvy 4-Cyc 370# Junior l Heavy 4-Cycle 270# Junior l Heavy 2-Cycle 270# 100cc Sup Stk Hvy 2-Cyc yamaha KT100S LTD 2-Cycle 360# 330/350/370# Junior ll Heavy 4-Cycle 320# Day 4 - Thursday Stock Medium 4-Cycle 345# Stock Heavy 4-Cycle 370# Jr ll Brgs Animal Lt 4-Cyc 285# Junior ll Light 2-Cycle 275# Super Sportsman 2-Cycle 360# Briggs Animal Light 4-Cycle 320# open 2-Cycle 330-390# Jr l Brgs Animal Lt 4-Cyc 235# Day 5 - Friday Junior ll Heavy 2-Cycle 310# Jr ll Brgs Aml Hvy 4-Cyc 320# Jr l Briggs Animal Hvy 4-Cyc 270# 200CC Stock 2-Cycle 390/430# yamaha KT100S Light 2-Cycle 330# Briggs Animal Super Heavy Briggs Animal Med 4-Cycle 345# 4-Cyc 200# Driver/390# Day 6 - Saturday Briggs Animal Sportsman 4-Cycle 360# yamaha KT100S LTD. Heavy 370 Lbs. 2-Cycle 370# Briggs Animal Heavy 4-Cycle 370# 100CC Super Stock Light 2-Cycle 300/320/340# Briggs Animal Blue Wazoom Medium 4-Cycle 345# Day 7 - Sunday - Rain Day cHanGE: 405.2.1 approved local option classes for 2012: (change all to:) * Briggs Animal Blue Wazoom Medium 16+ 345# * Briggs Animal Super Heavy 16+200#driver/390# * Yamaha Ltd Heavy 16+ 370# cHanGE: 420.2 Wheelbase: (add to first sentence:) , measured center to center at the outside end of the axle to the outside end of the spindle. add: 451.5.1: Wheelbase: Maximum 50" Minimum 40" Measured center to center at the outside end of the axle to the outside end of the spindle. cHanGE: 617.9 piston: (change the following dimensions on the KSI Piston:) A = 0.609" B = 0.470" C = 0.736" cHanGE: 624.13 New homologation parameters: (change second sentence in the second paragraph to:) yearly renewal fee, $750.00 each with included advertising program. cHanGE: 700.3.1: (change first sentence to read:) Effective April 1, 2012: The restrictor plate is available from your local kart shop and is manufactured by American Power Sports/APS. cHanGE: 700.3.3: (change first sentence to read:) Effective April 1, 2012: APS/IKF logo is clearly visible above carburetor when installed correctly. cHanGE: 700.3.6.1: (add second sentence to read:) Go-No-Go gauges are Blue Restrictor .440" and Red Restrictor .530".


cHanGE: 700.3.7.1: (change first sentence to read:) Restrictors must be run as manufactured by American Power Sports/APS. cHanGE: 700.3.7.4: (change to read:) .251" to .246". cHanGE: 700.3.7.5: (change to read:) .313" to .309". cHanGE: 701.8.3: (change first sentence to read:) Tech carb bore - .695" No-Go, .695" max straight bore. cHanGE: 717.12 deck/piston Clearance: (change third senetence to read:) Piston pop up minimum .010" and maximum 0.025"... cHanGE: 717.24.1 (change all to read:) Piston dome may be machined to achieve correct piston pop-up. A resemblance of the dome on the piston must still be present. Pop-up must be no less than .010 and no more than .025 as measured with a bar centered over and parallel to the wrist pin. cHanGE: 717.24.2 (change all to read:) Factory oversize World Formula pistons are allowed. dElEtE: 717.24.3 dElEtE: 721.21 - 721.21.7 cHanGE: 717.24.1 (change Section Title to read:) stock international Class engines (Clone). cHanGE: 722.4 Carburetor: (change 1st sentence to read:) Huayi or Ruxing types allowed. cHanGE: 722.4.4 low speed idle Jet: (change to read:) Non Tech. cHanGE: 722.4.5 main Jet: (change to read:) Non Tech. cHanGE: 722.8.2 stroke: (change to read:) Stroke is 2.133" plus .010" or minus.010". cHanGE: 722.9.1 valve seats: (change second sentence to read:) Single 45° Bottom and Single 30° Top. (add as 3rd sentence:) Head of valve must be above combustion chamber. cHanGE: 722.11 Connecting rod: (add as 3rd sentence:) No hone marks. cHanGE: 722.15 Flywheel and ignition: (change all to read:) Flywheel: Flywheel must be billet minimum weight 3.3 lbs. ARC model 6618 or 6619. Raceseng rsp_13_07 rev wheel NF-SFI or rsp_13_077 rev wheel F-S1. cHanGE: 722.15.1 timing: (change all to read:) Any ignition timing. Membership Information: International Kart federation 1609 s. Grove Ave., suite 105 ontario, CA 91761 909-923-4999 www.ikfkarting.com KARTER NEWS - ocTobER 2012

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