TeCH & rUle booK UPDATes

? = indicates new update for this issue. please note that tech & rule book updates will now go into effect thirty (30) days after they are posted on the iKF Website: add: cHanGE: dElEtE: cHanGE: Rule has been added where indicated by reference number. Rule has been modified from the original version. Rule has been deleted from the rule book. 103.3 governors: (add to section:) Effective January 1, 2013, $50 to be paid for signing or resigning a track and $150 paid after review of pass sales for the entire year. To qualify, all events, including club races and practice days, must be IKF insured. cHanGE: 103.3 governors: (add to section:) Effective 1-1-2012, Governors responsibilities will also include recruiting non IKF tracks into IKF sanctioned and insured tracks. Governor is responsible for handling the IKF Track Membership Application and submitting it to the IKF office. A fee of $200 will be paid for a successful recruitment .Governors will be paid $50 for resigning an existing IKF track. cHanGE: 104.6.4 exceptions: (change "a." to read:) Driver's birthday must be within 12 months of their respective age group to be considered. cHanGE: 104.17.2: (add to section:) Exception: 2 punches required for the 2012 IKF 2 Cycle Sprint Grand National. Suspend the 3 punch rule for Sprint for one year. add: IKF Speedway Experts may enter the Grand National in their Expert Division without participating in three Regional events. These Experts will not be required to pay a waiver fee. cHanGE: all open Kart drivers shall Wear: (change 1st sentence to read:) Jackets of heavyweight leather, heavyweight vinyl, ballistic nylon material or other abrasion resistant material and full-length pants to prevent or minimize abrasions oR Driving Suits of one or two piece design constructed of heavyweight leather, heavyweight vinyl material or heavyweight abrasion resistant nylon material. (add as last sentence:) No sweat pants. cHanGE: 115.2 Number panel Color: (change first sentence to read:) Expert number panel color for Sprint and Road Race is platinum, silver, or red and is reserved... cHanGE: 115.2.1: (change first sentence to read:) Any Junior in the Kid Kart division who has two IKF Grand National wins in the Sprint Division may run platinum, silver, or red plates until they move out of the Kid Kart Division. cHanGE: 115.3: (change second sentence to read:) Any Junior in the Kid Kart division who has won two IKF Grand Nationals in any Division may run platinum, silver, or red plates in Sprint or Road Race events, gold or yellow plates in Speedway events until they move into Senior classes. cHanGE: 115.4 iKF experts: (change Note: sentence to read:) IKF Sprint, Road Race, and Speedway Experts may enter... cHanGE: 115.4.2 Current iKF experts in 2-Cycle sprint: (Add to list:) Brandon Reed cHanGE: 115.4.3 Current iKF experts in 4-Cycle sprint: (Add to list:) Lloyd Mack cHanGE: 115.4.5 Current iKF experts in 4-Cycle speedway: (Add to list:) Jamie Gerlach, Zach Humphries, Jordan Krug, Brentt Mork, Chad Waller cHanGE: 201.6.1: (change to read:) The rear bumper may be either CIK style plastic or welded steel tubing loop, of double bar design, including lower cross bar KARTER NEWS - ocTobER 2012 (201.6.3) Welded on "elephant ear" extensions are permissible. No flexible components are allowed. Minimum diameter of steel tubing must be .625" with a minimum .065" wall thickness. The basic design must conform to the following drawing: (Note the requirement for the lower bar in Section 201.6.3). If steel tubing utilized, the rear protection shall extend to at least the center of the rear tires. The ends of any rear protection may not extend beyond the outside of the rear tire/wheel assembly with the following exceptions: * In a declared rain race. * If 600 rear tires are utilized, the rear bumper may extend beyond the rear wheels by a maximum of 1" on each side. If CIK style utilized, retention cables or straps may be used. However, they may not compromise the original design or Homologation of the bumper and mounting hardware. Note: The picture of the rear bumper shown does not contain the mandated rear cross bar. cHanGE: 207 2-Cycle sprint National Championship Classes: (Class 2, Junior I, remove from Engine Type:) 80cc DAP T-40 (Class 11, Change Class name to:) IAME CUP (Parilla Leopard) cHanGE: 212.2.1 approved local option Classes: (add:) Rookie Comer IAME Cup Jr. Rookie Sportsman HPV 4 Heavy cHanGE: 212.4 official schedule: add:) Thursday - June 21 2012 1. Rookie Comer, Local opt 210# 5. JR Super Sportsman 2. Rookie Sportsman, Local opt 235# 6. Rotax Max Senior 3. IKF TaG Senior 7. SR Super Sportsman 4. IAME Cup Jr., Local opt 320# Friday - June 22 2012 1. Kid Kart 4. KPV 2 2. Junior I 5. KPV 4 3. KPV 1 6. SR Super Sportsman Heavy Saturday - June 23 2012 1. KPV 4 Heavy, Local opt TBA 4. JR II PRD TaG Controlled 2. JR I PRD TaG Controlled 5. SR PRD TaG Controlled 3. Rotax Max Junior cHanGE: 275.5.2,, (change mention of Parilla Leopard and/or IAME Cup to:) IAME Cup (Parilla Leopard) add: 401.4.1: Wheelbase: Maximum 50" Minimum 40" Measured center to center at the outside end of the axle to the outside end of the spindle. cHanGE: 403 Four-Cycle speedway National Championship Classes: (change the following classes:) Effective April 1, 2012 Class #1 Junior I Light and #2 Junior I Heavy, change to .440 restrictor. Class #3 Jr I Briggs Animal Light and #4 Jr I Briggs Animal Heavy, change to .530 restrictor. (change Class #14 Briggs Animal Masters age to:) 35-up cHanGE: 404.4 & 405.4 official schedule and order of Classe: (add list:) Combined 2/4 Cycle Speedway Grand National Race Schedule Day 1 - Monday - Practice Day 2 - Tuesday Briggs Animal Masters 4-Cycle 370# Senior Sportsman 2-Cycle 360# 7

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