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4 SACF Vol. 7 No. 2 Q: My June exam results were not as good as they should have been. My parents are mad with me. They have said to me that I have to pass at the end of the year. I am feeling very anxious and I am SO scared I will fail again. Please can you assist me? A: This is a difficult situation which many of us have faced, here are some tips to manage your anxiety and get your studies done. 1 Stop procrastinating When a person gets anxious, they tend to procrastinate and make excuses for not getting their work done. The work pile gets larger and larger causing more anxiety and doubts. Stop procrastinating and start taking little steps forward. We recommend that you start by making "little wins" often and build up your confidence and momentum. Do a quick and easy task and tick it off your list. Do the next quick and easy task and tick it off your list. Then move on to a slightly more complex task. And then more complex. Do some, often. You can do it. 2 Manage the tunes in your head Each of us have a favourite tune that plays in our heads. Often the tune is not based on anything in reality but rather our favourite thought pattern or fear at that time. In your situation, the tune is probably something like "I am going to fail". The more you allow the tune to play in your head, the more likely it is that you will fail. Our thoughts can be selffulfilling. So change the tune to "I am going to pass". Play the new tune often and loudly until you start to believe that tune. You will notice as you play the new tune, it will require you to act and this action is what is needed to pass. "I am going to pass" 3 Commit to doing what it takes Make the decision to do what it takes to pass. Find out what that is, ask your friends for help, ask your lecturer, find more examples to practise, adopt new study strategies and habits, do the reading, do the research, actively listen in lectures, ask questions, attend double tutorials, take better notes and review your notes within 24 hours of attending the lecture. Action, action, action... Less talking about the problem and more action, action, action! n is a Career Advisor for Potential At Work. She holds an MBA, is a trained career coach and has tons of experience in helping people just like you to choose a suitable career. If you'd like to book a consultation with Kerry, give her a call on

011 465 4727.

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