A chicken, a tent and vegetable seed! ILZE BOTHA All I want to take with me to the island is the Word as my pillow, Spirit for company as my teddy and God's love as my blankie. WILLEM VAN TONDER My Bible - it's my daily bread and it's the truth - the truth will set me free. ILZ√Č DE KLERK 1. Magic carpet 2. Magic carpet 3. I can get off an island with a magic carpet MARLENE PUTTER By Linel le Roux A towel, sunscreen and a good book (Kindle). I might just as well enjoy being there! JUANITA VAN DER MERWE Fruit loops, a flint and a guitar. TIENIE LOURENS

If you were stuck on an island,

which three items would you want with you?

Knife, matches and a companion. KAGISO SEBETSO

Vox Pop

iPad - (has a bible app, etc.), camera and coffee plunger with a lot of coffee! WYNAND VAN DER MERWE SACF Vol. 7 No. 2 3

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