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Ed's Note

October 2012

S ometimes we have to remind ourselves of the simple fact: teachers make a difference. A huge difference. Think about the most influential people in your life.

After your parents or religious leaders, most of us point to the teachers we had growing up.

Life began for me in Grade 11 when my English teacher left me a note on my report card saying that we'd better make a plan to enrol me at university. Up until then I had never thought about furthering my studies. But with the help of my teacher, I not only found my niche, but I also began to fall in love with the world of literature. Without the influence of a teacher who chose not to dwell on those long (and sometimes thankless) hours invested in grading papers and designing curriculum, but instead rested on her belief that teachers do actually mean something in the lives of their students, I would not be writing this now. I certainly would not have chosen journalism, and instead of writing, I would probably be the world's greatest waitress (I added the word "greatest" for effect only, not ego). Her passion for English, her teaching style, and her engagement with the class was so natural, so special. I am glad she chose to teach. For this, I say thank you Mrs Goetsch, with the warmest amount of gratitude and respect.

Who inspired you? Make sure you take the time to thank them!



Liezl Maclean EDITOR liezl@sacareerfocus.co.za

Meet the rocking SACF team...

Landa Joubert - Translator

* Claim to fame... I obtained my Honours degree in Psychology two years ago, almost 30 years after my first degree and raising three kids in between. * With my 1st salary I bought... a cookbook, Huisgenoot Wenresepte, because by that time I was already married and could not cook a thing! * My peeve hates are... people who start their sentences with: "Please don't take this the wrong way, but..." We all know how that usually ends. * The person I'd most like to invite to dinner... well-known South-African writer, Marita van der Vyver. I have read all of her books and enjoyed every one of them. She lives in France with her husband and kids and also released a lovely cookbook a few years ago. We will cook together and drink fabulous wine from South-Africa whilst talking about her life in France and all the stories she still wants to tell. * If I weren't a translator, I'd probably be... a psychologist.

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