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By Cathy Gush Rhodes students are doing it for themselves. the campus-based give 5 campaign has been around since 2004, when it was initiated as a fundraising effort to support worthy projects such as preschools and other initiatives identified by the Centre for Social development. after a hiatus of a couple of years, it resumed this year under the leadership of the Students' representative Council, and now focuses on raising funds for students who are scraping by with tuition and residence fees, but find it hard to buy items such as a can of deodorant or a cup of coffee. "this has really grabbed the imagination of the students," says terryl mcCarthy, alumni relations Officer, "and is contributing to our aim of creating a culture of giving among rhodes students - one that they will hopefully carry over into the future." according to mcCarthy, student involvement in the give 5 campaign reached record levels this year and exceeded all expectations. She feels this can be attributed to the fact that students were switched on by the thought of being able to help their fellow campus dwellers. "large campaign posters that depicted a Superman-type figure coming to the rescue clearly struck a chord with them." "Every res and every hall organised some kind of initiative or event to raise funds for the campaign, and the students enjoyed the element of competition," says mcCarthy. a prize is awarded to both the residence and the hall that collect the most funds. but competition was not the sole motive for participation. the "Oppies" (private residence students) put in a huge effort, despite the fact that they knew they didn't stand a chance of winning. and the ethos of philanthropy is catching on. One of the students, who won a r100 clothing voucher in a lucky draw that was part of the campaign, donated it back to be used for someone who might need it. the give 5 campaign was able to resume this year because the SrC decided to take it under their wing and work together with the alumni & development Office for the benefit of their fellow students. it now forms part of the Community Engagement portfolio of the SrC, but the aim is to develop a working committee of volunteers who will run the campaign. Close to r29 000 was raised during the march 2012 effort, and another drive took place in august. the basic idea is that students contribute r5 (or multiples thereof) to participate in a range of fun events and competitions. because of this effort, an additional 22 students were able to benefit from the pocket money fund, which was established by the dean of Students to supplement the income of students on financial aid. building on the idea of students helping students, or contributing to making rhodes a better place for all, there are moves afoot to involve young alumni in the broadening of this campaign. but for now, those involved with the current give 5 campaign are content to give everyone on campus the opportunity to be a hero. August 2012 l Rhodos The new Give 5 campaign poster (top) and student volunteers raising funds during the March 2012 effort (above). 7

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