buildinG On OuR Alumni RelAtiOnships

Since our 2011 edition of rhodos there have been many developments and changes; one of the major ones being that we have re-scheduled the publication of the magazine to coincide with founders' weekend in august. there is always a mad rush to produce the magazine over the Christmas break and often the news in it is dated from the past year. we felt that a later publication date would allow us to include some of the milestones achieved at our graduation and share some of the heartwarming stories of our recent graduates. we are also able to bring you more on our honorary graduates and of course, our Old rhodian and Emerging Old rhodian awardees. this year we have needed to play catch up and report back on last year's awardees while also announcing the new recipients for 2012. in addition, we are now able to bring you current news of the achievements attained by the University, its staff, students and alumni for the year to date. we hope this will make rhodos more up to date and topical. we also aim to include increased coverage on the successes and achievements of you, our alumni family, and encourage you to keep in touch with us. we would love to hear your success stories too. the whole point of alumni relations is about continuously engaging the alumni community with a view to enhancing relations and building strong mutually beneficial partnerships that will lead to possible support for the University. through rhodos we are able to share with you not only the successes of your alma mater and your fellow Old rhodians, but also our aims and aspirations for the future of the University and the unique challenges we face in attaining these goals. there are many ways in which you can help. the University has a wide range of needs to which Old rhodians can contribute. the annual fund is the primary vehicle through which alumni can give to rhodes; it is a flexible fund that allows one to give whatever one is able to over a period of time. we have several different streams that one can choose from, namely the Sports foundation, research, faculties and Student Support which includes bursaries, Old rhodian bursaries, the pocket money fund and peer mentoring. publisher: rhodes University Editor: kerry peter art director: brian garman designers: Stephanie pretorius and abigail whelan photography: paul greenway photographic assistants: Christopher kelly and Catherine pennels Contributors: Sarah-jane bradfield, theresa Edlmann, anton ferreira, Chelsea geach, Cathy gush, kyla hazell, wilhelmina maboja, Zamathiyane Ndaba, michael Sutherns, jeannie wallace mckeown CONtaCt tel 046 603 8887 fax 046 603 8744 rhodes alumni & development rhodes University pO box 94 grahamstown 6140 rhodos is printed by Creative art, duplicating and reproduction (Cadar) (pty) ltd, on behalf of rhodes University, 21 de villiers Street, North End, port Elizabeth 2001. tel 041 484 2251 as you know, i took over as alumni relations and fundraising manager in august last year. i inherited a running division with some amazing people. we made a conscious decision to keep things pretty much the way they were while embarking on our onward journey by modifying our activities here and there to better appeal to the aspirations of the greater rhodes community. the first thing we did was to change our name to rhodes alumni development (rad), because that not only encompasses everything we do here but it sounds better. we then re-branded the annual fund. here, for both the logo and slogan we looked for something that would resonate well with everyone, whilst keeping us true to ourselves and consistent with our culture. and so we went for the Clock tower as our logo, accompanied by the slogan, "Continue the legacy". Under the watchful eye of annie pienaar, the annual fund Coordinator, we've introduced a number of successful campaigns to drive the annual fund. as a result we've increased the income of the annual fund by 60% and, the number of individual alumni donors giving to the af from under 100 to over 400 in less than eight months. Using the same principles of ENgagEmENt, partNErShip, and SUppOrt, we have managed to aggressively implement our Student Engagement program through the revival of give 5 and the purple thursday campaigns. these activities have helped to introduce our students to the culture of giving and plant the seeds of longer lasting commitments to the institutional culture. we have also re-shaped and focussed our overseas based trusts in the Uk and USa, whilst our reunions have continued rating as some of the best organised in the country. Our aims and aspirations for the upcoming year are quite simple. we want to continue engaging with and forming partnerships with you, our alumni family, while also seeking to become more relevant to our current students too. we hope you will continue to support us in our endeavours to maintain rhodes' position as one of the best Universities in the country. Photo: Paul Greenway August 2012 l Rhodos Qondakele Sompondo Ā© all rights reserved. No portion of this magazine may be reproduced in any form, whole or part thereof, without the prior written consent of the publisher. any information, errors or omissions are not the responsibility of the publisher. the publisher does not accept liability of any nature whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the contents of this magazine. all advertisements, advertorials and promotional material contained within this magazine have been paid for and do not carry the endorsement of the publishers unless otherwise stated. rhodosĀ® is a registered trademark of rhodes University. 3

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