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by John Hammer The folks who live near the Shops at Friendly who managed to stop a Trader Joe?s from locating on the corner of Hobbs Road and Friendly Avenue might be interested in a report from Business Insider released last month. According to a study of home prices, those living near a Trader Joe?s saw their property values increase 67 percent over the past five years. Living near a Whole Foods, by comparison, resulted in a 52 percent increase and near an Aldi a 51 percent increase. So their property values would have increased and the rest of Greensboro would have had a Trader Joe?s if the protests had not been so vehement as to make Trader Joe?s decide it really didn?t want to do business in Greensboro. to city hall twice. The good news is that when the City Council doesn?t meet it can?t do anything, and if it doesn?t do anything it can?t do anything wrong. So one way to look at it is that by not meeting the Greensboro City Council has made Greensboro a better place. Politico ran a cartoon last week portraying white Houston residents as dumb Southern racist Christian redneck cowboys who love their state and are proud of their heritage. So the cartoonist managed to get in just about every stereotype of white Texans in one cartoon. It was evidently considered appropriate by the Politico editors because everyone at Politico has learned to accept the fact that Southerners are stupid Christian racists who are proud of their heritage. Despite that, the editors say they don?t have anything against Southerners. In fact, some of their best friends are Southerners. Newspapers are rightly accused of writing about an issue and then not following up to tell people what happened. So not to fall into that trap, here is an update on the story about the easements that Rocky Scarfone has through what will be a downtown city parking deck with a Westin Hotel on top of it between East Market Street and across February One Place behind the Elm Street Center. At-large City Councilmember Mike Barber on Wednesday said, ?I think we?re close to a solution.? He said, ?The goal must be that all of these businesses downtown are compatible.? Barber added, ?It?s a lot better to solve it now before the parking deck is built.? The easements reported on last week do exist and reportedly parts of the city parking deck are being redesigned to honor those two easements ? one to East Market Street and one to South Davie Street ? so that Scarfone will have the access to the back of the Cone Denim Entertainment Center building to which he is entitled. The Greensboro City Council is made up of eight Democrats and one Republican, but it appears the current City Council is taking its lead from our current Republican Congress, which didn?t meet in August and is only meeting for 12 days in September. The Greensboro City Council only met once in July, once in August and is meeting once in September. In the old days, like earlier this year, the City Council met three times a month. It held two formal meetings and a more informal work session. Under the current leadership, the work sessions have been shortened from half-day sessions to maybe an hour, and they are held right before the meeting when everyone is in a hurry to get to the formal meeting. Maybe it?s to save gas so councilmembers don?t have to drive

National Folk Festival Starts Friday

by John Hammer The third and final National Folk Festival in Greensboro kicks off on Friday, Sept. 8 at 6 p.m. with the Treme Brass Band on the Wrangler Stage on North Elm Street in front of the Wrangler headquarters. Then there is a parade and, until 10 p.m., music and entertainment. Saturday, Sept. 9, the festival begins at noon and runs until 10 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 10, the final day of the final National Folk Festival in Greensboro, the activities begin at noon and end at 6 p.m. With eight stages scheduled over three days with entertainment from hip hop to classic country, gospel and jazz, it?s impossible to list everything in the space provided. But there is something for everyone and it?s free. All you need to do to be a part of the folk festival is come downtown. But you probably need to get a schedule because you can?t be everywhere at once. Along with the music there are also poets, storytellers, dancers, trick ropers, games for children and, of course, food. A great variety of food will be featured at the folk festival and, while the music and entertainment is free, the food isn?t. So you might want to bring a few dollars, not just to eat but also to make a donation to help pay for all the free entertainment. Along with the entertainment stages there is a North Carolina Folk Life area that features arts and crafts.

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  • Big Money Raised in City Council Races
John Hammer, Editor

Follow the money is always good advice in politics.  
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There's pulling out all the stops and then there's pulling out all the stops.
  • Guilford and High Point Take Swings At One Another Over Funding Baseball Stadium
Scott D. Yost

High Point officials call Guilford County's coming decision whether or not to participate in a new downtown baseball stadium project a "no brainer," but, in the days leading up to the Board of Commissioners Thursday, Sept. 7 meeting, the commissioners have been wrangling over whether they should evean hold a public hearing on the matter.
  • State of Community Better Than People Think
Scott D. Yost

Clearly the Greensboro community has some image problems right now - and, for once, the 2017 State of Our Community Luncheon acknowledged those issues, and the presenters and audience members alike were able to laugh about the city's somewhat blah reputation.
  • Deeds Office Has Your Passport To Fast Service
Scott D. Yost

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, the Guilford County Register of Deeds office opened the only no-appointment "walk-in" passport application office in the county, which means citizens can show up unannounced and get instant passport service.
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Still time to donate
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New World Order
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Rhino Shorts
  • National Folk Festival Starts Friday
John Hammer, Editor

The third and final National Folk Festival in Greensboro kicks off on Friday, Sept. 8 at 6 p.m. with the Treme Brass Band on the Wrangler Stage on North Elm Street in front of the Wrangler headquarters.
  • Rhino Shorts
John Hammer, Editor

The folks who live near the Shops at Friendly who managed to stop a Trader Joe's from locating on the corner of Hobbs Road and Friendly Avenue might be interested in a report from Business Insider released last month.
The Sound Of The Beep
  • The Sound of the Beep

What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine on our comment line. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 763-0479 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep.
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The biggest problem with trivia games - even the well-written ones, like Trivial Pursuit - is assembling a group of people to play together.
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John Hammer, Editor

President Donald J. Trump is learning the ways of Washington.  
Weekly Hammer
  • Why Labor Day Doesn't Get a Parade
John Hammer, Editor

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer.  The official end of summer is Sept. 22.
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Scott D. Yost

I saw in the news that downtown Marion, North Carolina, is having a Bigfoot Festival in 2018 and I can promise you that, by doing so, they are going to draw in people from all over the place.  It's really going to be something.