Vol. V No. 29 Greensboro, North Carolina www.rhinotimes.com Thursday, July 20, 2017

County Sued For Something It Didn?t Do

John Hammer

Council Loses Fox, Gains Wells

plus Under The Hammer, Uncle Orson Reviews Everything AND MORE

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  • Guilford County Sued For $600K in Legal Fees for Something it Didn't Do
Scott D. Yost

The Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ) has filed a lawsuit against the Guilford County Board of Elections.  
  • City Council Loses Fox, Gains Wells
John Hammer, Editor

The Greensboro City Council met on Tuesday, July 18, the first time since June 20, and the councilmembers paid for their long break with a seven-hour meeting in which they covered a lot of territory.
  • It May Take a Village to Untangle Animal Shelter Land Deal Jumble
Scott D. Yost

The most complicated thing about building a new Guilford County Animal Shelter might be selling the old shelter property. 
  • New City Resident Joins Mayor's Race
John Hammer, Editor

With filing for the City Council elections closing on Friday, July 21 at noon, the mayor's race is shaping up to be something a little different.  
Ask Carolyn
  • Ask Carolyn...
Carolyn Woodruff

Ask Carolyn...
Letters To The Editor
  • Letters To The Editor

City Council 
Rhino Shorts
  • Rhino Shorts
John Hammer, Editor

Just a reminder to our loyal cadre of schmoozers.  The Schmoozefest is taking a well-deserved summer vacation.  So there is no Schmoozefest on Thursday, July 27 or on Thursday, August 24.  The Schmoozefest has promised to be back from the beach in time for the September event.
The Sound Of The Beep
  • The Sound of the Beep

What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine on our comment line. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 763-0479 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep.
Uncle Orson Reviews Everything
  • Spidey, Baby Driver, Apes, Cookies
Orson Scott Card

Summer movies are supposed to be huge.  The studios bring out their biggest moneymakers in May and June so they'll have a chance to sit in the theaters all summer long, raking in money.
Under The Hammer
  • Under the Hammer
John Hammer, Editor

Imagine that for one week President Donald J. Trump received the same kind of media coverage that former President Barack Obama received throughout his eight years in office.  
Weekly Hammer
  • County Sued For Losing Lawsuit
John Hammer, Editor

Guilford County tried to be nice to the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ) in 2015 when it found itself being sued over a law it had nothing to do with, but playing nice didn't work.
Yost Column
  • Yost Shares Ancient Chinese Secret
Scott D. Yost

Every now and then, when my friends and I want a treat, we will grab something from China's Best at Lawndale Shopping Center.  Over here in my section of town, the place is legendary for its Chinese food, and I would put China's Best up against any Chinese restaurant in town that isn't currently advertising in the Rhino.