Vol. V No. 7 Greensboro, North Carolina www.rhinotimes.com Thursday, February 16, 2017

City Hires Lobbyist to Kiss and Make Up with State

Scott D. Yost

Commissioners Tell Staff What to Do with Goals

plus Under The Hammer, Uncle Orson Reviews Everything AND MORE

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  • Commissioners Tell Staff What to Do with County Goals
Scott D. Yost

Combined City and County Tax Rate (per $100 of assessed property value)
  • City Council Hires Lobbyist to Kiss and Make Up with State
John Hammer

If you liked the way the Greensboro City Council ran things last year, you should like the council in 2017 just as much.
  • Perhaps Provoking State Not Best Way To Make Friends
John Hammer

The meetings of the Greensboro City Council with the Guilford legislative delegation are always amusing, if you have a twisted sense of humor.
  • County Sheriff May Be Forced To Close High Point Jail
Scott D. Yost

Two years ago, suddenly and without much planning, Guilford County closed its Prison Farm in the northeast part of the county and now the county is considering closing the High Point jail in the southwest. 
  • Troubled Teens Could Be Cash Cows For County
Scott D. Yost

The State of North Carolina is expected to raise the age at which people can be tried as adults from 16 to 18, and Guilford County is looking to cash in on that change. 
Ask Carolyn
  • Ask Carolyn
Carolyn Woodruff

Ask Carolyn...
Letters To The Editor
  • Letters to the Editor

Liberal Meltdown
News of the Weird
  • That's One Way To Save Money

Can't Possibly Be True
Real Estate
  • Open Floor Plans
Sandy Groover

Open floor plans make use of large, open spaces to connect "separate" rooms by minimizing the use of walls and small, enclosed areas."
Rhino Shorts
  • Rhino Shorts
John Hammer

Gov. Roy Cooper and Democrats in the state legislature continue to make a lot of noise about repealing House Bill 2 (HB2), the bathroom bill.  But the fact is that when a straight up or down vote on repealing HB2 was put before the state Senate, only 16 senators voted for it and all 16 were Republicans.  According to one Democratic state senator, the reason the Democrats all voted against a bill they had previously claimed to support was that Cooper told them to vote against it. 
The Sound Of The Beep
  • The Sound of the Beep

What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine on our comment line. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 763-0479 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep.
Uncle Orson Reviews Everything
  • Wick, Glass Doors, Love Locks, Poet's Dog
Orson Scott Card

We went to see John Wick: Chapter 2 on Friday, the opening day, but because we went to a mid-afternoon showing, we were surprised to see how full the parking lot was.
Under The Hammer
  • Under the Hammer
John Hammer

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned on Monday, and from reading about it in the mainstream media, you would think he was the most heinous criminal of modern times.
Weekly Hammer
  • No Good Way To Get Around
John Hammer

The voters of Greensboro passed $126 million in bonds last November.  According to the City Council, $25 million is going to be spent to beautify the downtown, which is a lot of money for beauty. 
Yost Column
  • Geof Brooks Loved Even By His Targets
Scott D. Yost

Only the good die young.