Vol. V No. 14 Greensboro, North Carolina www.rhinotimes.com Thursday, April 6, 2017


plus Under The Hammer, Uncle Orson Reviews Everything AND MORE

John Hammer

Cooper Outfoxed on HB2

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  • He's Back? Skip Alston In Running For Ex-Commissioner Trapp's Seat
Scott D. Yost

District 8 Guilford County Commissioner Ray Trapp is stepping down from the Guilford County Board of Commissioners and former Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston may step in to fill Trapp's seat. 
  • Say Yes If You Make Less Than $40,000
Scott D. Yost

Say Yes Guilford has been answering a lot of questions this week, but many people who previously expected to benefit from that program haven't liked the answers they've been hearing.
  • City Council Shakes Things Up By Deciding To Discuss Taxes, Bonds
John Hammer

Property tax increase or no property tax increase - the City Council will decide on Tuesday, April 18.
  • County Finally Bails on Project Haystack
Scott D. Yost

Guilford County is making it official.
Letters To The Editor
  • Letters to the Editor

A Blow For Freedom
News of the Weird
  • Say Cheese If You Want Toilet Paper

TP Goes High Tech
Rhino Shorts
  • Rhino Shorts
John Hammer

Congratulations to the Carolina Tar Heels on winning the NCAA men's basketball championship.  It was an ugly game but Carolina played a great last minute.  
The Sound Of The Beep
  • The Sound of the Beep

What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine on our comment line. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 763-0479 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep.
Uncle Orson Reviews Everything
  • Stats, Men Not At Work, Eggs
Orson Scott Card

These past few weeks, I've read three books that consisted mostly of statistics - both methodology and results.
Under The Hammer
  • Under The Hammer
John Hammer

Is it any wonder that President Barack Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice was the one responsible for the underhanded, improper and possibly illegal surveillance of President Donald John Trump and his campaign team last year after Trump won the Republican presidential nomination?
Weekly Hammer
  • Council Gets a Win in Redistricting
John Hammer

To no one's surprise, federal District Court Judge Catherine Eagles ruled in favor of the City of Greensboro in its lawsuit against the Guilford County Board of Elections over the Greensboro redistricting law passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in 2015. 
  • Gov. Cooper Outfoxed on HB2
John Hammer

The Republicans in Raleigh were celebrating after the House Bill 2 (HB2) repeal because they got a much better deal when Gov. Roy Cooper signed House Bill 142 (HB142) than they thought possible.
Yost Column
  • Getting High on TV Easier Than You Think
Scott D. Yost

Thou hast set me free.  That means that I am free to please thee.  And I am going to please thee very much.