Vol. V No. 16 Greensboro, North Carolina www.rhinotimes.com Thursday, April 20, 2017


John Hammer

Greensboro?s Stealth 2¢ Tax Increase

John Hammer

City Council Approves $30M Hotel Project

plus Under The Hammer, Uncle Orson Reviews Everything AND MORE

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  • Greensboro City Council Votes For Stealth 2 Cent Property Tax Increase
John Hammer

Greensboro property owners are going to pay more property taxes next year following action by the City Council at its meeting on Tuesday, April 18.
  • Sneaky Strategy Keeps District 8 Commissioners Seat Up In The Air
Scott D. Yost

The Executive Committee of the Guilford County Democratic Party held a raucous and chaotic meeting on Tuesday, April 18 that left many Democrats in the room angry and in a state of stunned disbelief after a contingent of white committee members in the heavily black Board of Commissioners District 8 voted successfully to put off the selection of a new commissioner for the district until Wednesday, April 26. 
  • Former Guilford County Animal Shelter Director Plea Bargains Cruelty Case
Scott D. Yost

Nearly two years after state investigators found widespread animal neglect and abuse at the Guilford County and Davidson County animal shelters, Marsha Williams, who ran both shelters in 2015 and was charged in Davidson County with felony cruelty to animals, pleaded guilty to reduced charges.
  • City Council Approves $30M Hotel Project with No Comment
John Hammer

With no discussion or explanation about what they were doing, the City Council on Tuesday, April 18, approved spending approximately $30 million to purchase land and build a six-story parking deck to facilitate the construction of an 11-story 180-room Westin Hotel by Elm Street Hotel LLC at 203 South Elm St., the current site of the Elm Street Center.
  • High Point Hopes for Home Run in $30 Million Stadium Development
Scott D. Yost

The City of High Point has high hopes that, in the not too distant future, area residents will be saying, "Take me out to the ball park."
Letters To The Editor
  • Letters to the Editor

Forgiveness Not Always the Answer
News of the Weird
  • Failures Include Failure Museums

Try, Try Again
Rhino Shorts
  • Rhino Shorts
John Hammer

The Rhino Times will hold its April Showers Schmoozefest on Thursday, April 27 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Blue Agave Mexican Bar & Grill at 3900 Battleground Ave.  Those who sign in and wear a name tag are welcome to enjoy free hors d'oeuvres and beer and wine (while supplies last). 
Street Level
  • Running Down The Bad Guys

With all the controversy about what police officers should and should not be doing, we thought it would be a good time to bring you some real cop stories.  
The Sound Of The Beep
  • The Sound of the Beep

What follows has been transcribed from the answering machine on our comment line. We edit out what is required by the laws of the state, of good taste and of good sense. The limit on phone calls is one minute and each caller may make up to two calls per week. If you have something to say, call our comment line at 763-0479 and start talking at The Sound of the Beep.
Uncle Orson Reviews Everything
  • Brainworms, Israeli Weapons, PopCorners
Orson Scott Card

I have always loved singing in choirs, especially after I learned in my 20s how to bend my baritone voice to sing most tenor parts.  (The "Hallelujah Chorus" from Messiah rides that high G too hard for me to sustain it, alas.)
Under The Hammer
  • Under the Hammer
John Hammer

The whole thing about people associated with President Donald John Trump working with Russians reminds me of the political candidate who said his opponent should be disqualified because it was a well-kept secret that the man was a sexagenarian.  It's not what you say but how you say it.
Weekly Hammer
  • N&R Kicks Wade When She's Down
John Hammer

If the News & Record were a reputable business, the publisher would call state Sen. Trudy Wade and apologize.  But the N&R is not reputable.  It doesn't correct its mistakes and has shown little regard for common decency or the truth. 
Yost Column
  • Bus Yost to the Moon
Scott D. Yost

In all, so-called "Red Teams" of Homeland Security agents posing as passengers were able to get weapons past TSA agents in 67 out of 70 tests - a 95 percent failure rate, according to agency officials ... This isn't the first time TSA officers have failed to detect fake terrorists and their weapons.  "Red Teams" have been probing TSA checkpoints for 13 years, oftentimes successfully getting weapons past airport screeners.  However, this time, TSA agents failed to detect almost every single test bomb and gun, aviation experts said.