RANBAXY ANNOUNCES NEW CEO RANBAXY is proud to announce the appointment of Desmond Brothers as Chief Executive Officer of Ranbaxy and Be-Tabs in South Africa. Desmond was previously a member of the Ranbaxy team from 2001 - 2009 and occupied the CEO position for the last six years of that period. Desmond has spent the past twenty two years in the pharma MULTI-DRUG RESISTANT TUBERCULOSIS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The recent South African tuberculosis (TB) Conference that was held in Durban brought a few critical issues to light regarding the fight against TB in Sub- Saharan Africa. It was stated during one of the presentations that up to 32% of patients are wrongly diagnosed as having multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB and therefore mistakenly treated as a result of certain methods currently utilised to diagnose MDR-TB infection. Anti-tuberculosis medication is known to be Ototoxic, causing hearing loss and tinnitus. "In one case, a patient was incorrectly diagnosed as having an MDR- TB infection and was subsequently treated with second line drugs. This particular patient incurred extensive damage to her hearing, which could have been prevented if she was diagnosed correctly," says Hennie Rossouw, the General Manager of Hain Lifescience SA, a manufacturer and distributor of molecular biology diagnostic systems for laboratories. According to guidelines published on the World Health Organisation (WHO) website, a true MDR-TB can only be identified when both Rifampicin and 8 Pharmasales Isoniazid sensitivity results are available. "Some diagnostic methods currently implemented in South Africa use the resistance of Rifampicin as a marker for MDR-TB. Except for the fact that this is contradictory to the WHO's definition of a true MDR-TB, data presented indicate that Rifampicin is not a reliable marker for accurate MDR-TB diagnosis," says Rossouw. As a result, two major discussions arose from the TB industry, fulfilling roles in sales, marketing and general management, within innovator, generic, and health logistics companies. Desmond says, "I am very happy to be back with the Ranbaxy team, and we look forward to maintaining our role as key partners in the local healthcare industry." Conference around Rifampicin and Isoniazid mono resistance, as well as the issue of diagnosing patients as having MDR-TB without knowing the resistance profile of both Rifampicin and Isoniazid, the two most powerful anti-TB drugs. During the South African TB Conference, Hain Lifescience SA launched MTBDRplus Ver 2.0, the only singular analytical procedure (assay) currently in use that provides a result for TB, in addition to indicating Rifampicin and Isoniazid sensitivity. "It effectively means that the Line Probe Assay (LPA) from Hain Lifescience is able to effectively diagnose MDR-TB, which is key to the correct and effective treatment of TB," explains Rossouw. Being armed with knowledge about TB diagnostics could be a major advantage to any patient. "You have a right to ask questions and to go for a second opinion. The misdiagnosis of MDR-TB and the subsequent mismanaged MDR- TB treatment, could very well lead to the patient developing extensively Drug- Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB)," warns Rossouw.

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