KROKO BLISTER PLASTERS Kroko recently introduced Kroko Blister Plasters to their range of foot care products. Kroko Blister Plasters are available in two sizes, medium and large and are excellent for treating blisters. These waterproof plasters have a specially incorporated hydrocolloid layer which provides rapid relief and promotes natural healing whilst protecting the affected areas from dirt and bacteria. Blisters are fluid filled pockets which form on the outer layers of the skin and are caused by rubbing and friction. The most common type of blisters are caused by friction as a result of ill-fitting shoes or sport shoes. Blisters develop if the skin is rubbed in one area over a long period or if there is very intense rubbing of the skin over a shorter period and they usually occur on either the feet or hands. If blisters become infected, they can become exceedingly painful and may even require medical attention. When treating blisters, the affected area should be cleaned with an antiseptic and then dried thoroughly. A suitable sized Kroko Blister Plaster should be placed over the blister and then left in place until the pressure of fluid in the blister diminishes and the plaster loosens on its own. The plaster will need to be replaced on a regular basis until the blister has drained and healing has commenced. Blisters can usually be treated at home but if they do become infected, a pharmacist or doctor may need to be consulted. Each pack of Kroko Blister Plasters contains 6 plasters and they are available from UPD Wholesalers and AlphaPharm. The packs are shrinkwrapped in 6's. Visit Enquiries: 021 8555976 10 Pharmasales GIVE YOUR BODY A BREAK FROM YOUR ALLERGY An allergy occurs when the body reacts to a particular food or substance as though it were a foreign invader causing the immune system to put up its defences. The problem here is that when there is a reaction to a food that is eaten regularly (or something unavoidable in the environment) the immune system is constantly going into defence mode. This exhausts and depletes the body of basic nutrients so that when a real bug enters the body, the depleted immune system doesn't have adequate defences to fight back. The long term effects of an allergy are frequent colds, infections and an unhappy gut. World renowned nutritionist Patrick Holford advises that if you suspect an allergy to a certain foods to see a nutrition consultant or an allergy specialist who can test you and solve any underlying digestive imbalances that provoke allergies. According to Holford vitamin C, calcium and magnesium can help to reduce the severity of allergic reactions. The nutrient L-glutamine can help to heal the gut and support the immune system, reducing the allergic potential. He recommends abstaining NRF VITA-C 2000 & VITA-C 300 NRF Vita-C 2000 and NRF Vita-C 300 not only help keep illness at bay, but also address many other health problems. The body cannot manufacture vitamin C on its own so it is important to complement the diet with a good vitamin C supplement. Besides the common cold and flu, vitamin C plays an important role in helping to prevent other ailments and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has been established that most body processes and diseases are influenced by vitamin C. NRF Vita-C 2000 is a concentrate in granule form which contains Bioflavonoids and Rutin and should be taken on an empty stomach to be fully effective. NRF Vita-C 300 tablets also contain Bioflavonoids and should be taken regularly for ongoing well-being. NRF natural health products are ALLEX"' ALLERGEN AND HISTAMINE CONTROL ?ASIO from the "offending" food for two months and to begin re-introducing it every fourth day as our cells have a "memory" and may have "forgotten" the culprit. For extra support for your allergies Holford's Allex is a unique formulation of amino acids and antioxidants designed to give immune support by reducing inflammation and assisting in healing of the lining of the gut. Allex is free from gluten, milk products, yeast, corn, soya and any other of the common allergens. Allex retails at R169.95 and is available from Dis-Chem, Clicks and leading pharmacies and health stores or online at manufactured from pure raw materials and FoodMatrix"" (plant protein & mixed carotenoids) which are unique to all NRF Health products and 100% safe. *Pregnant ladies should always check with their doctors before taking any supplements, just to be on the safe side. NRF Health products are available from UPD, Alpha Pharm and other wholesalers. Enquiries: NRF Health 0800 005 744

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