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High-Threat Extraction Kit

Provides the essential tools to perform a rescue in high threat environments...

Utilizing lessons learned from both the battlefield and tactical environments, this self-contained kit is designed to provide the tactical operator and rescue personnel with all of the essential tools to quickly and efficiently execute rescue operations in a high-threat environment. * Facilitates immediate casualty extraction so that casualty treatment may be performed * Bag constructed of durable Denier nylon * Attaches directly to the duty belt as a drop down leg rig or to the assault vest/body armor with MOLLE/PALS-style connectors High-Threat Extraction Kit Item# 80-0139 (blaCK) Item# 80-0140 (odg) KIt DImeNSIoNS: Case Closed - H 8.5 in. x W 8.75 in. x D 4.5 in. WeIght: 3 lb 6 oz (1) Dragon ® Handle System item# 90-0004 Item# 80-0141 (Coyote) Item# 80-0142 (duC) (1) High-Threat Extraction (bag only) item# 80-0163 (blaCK) item# 80-0164 (odg) item# 80-0165 (Coyote) item# 80-0166 (duC) (1) Hasty Harness item# 90-0001 (1) RAT ? Strap (reSCue aSSault tetHer) item# 90-0002 (1) Aero Screwgate Carabiner item# 90-0006 (1) Shield Carabiner item# 90-0005 (2) 6 in. Red Chemical Lights

24 |

NoRth AmeRicAN Rescue, llc. | lAw eNfoRcemeNt / tems 2010 (1) Revolver Carabiner item# 90-0007 (1) C-A-T ® Combat appliCation tourniquet ® item# 30-0001 nSn# 6515-01-521-7976

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