Our Mandate

Mintek's mandate is to serve the national interest through high-calibre research, development, technology transfer that promotes mineral technology, as well as fosters the establishment and expansion of small, medium, and large industries in the field of minerals and products derived from them.

our Vision

To be a global leader in mineral and metallurgical R&D and technology transfer.

our Mission

To serve our stakeholders by promoting technology, industrial growth and human development.

Our Values

} Creativity; } Teamwork; } Results orientation; } Respect and dignity, and, } Integrity.

key objectives

In order to attain its goals Mintek shall strive to: } Research and develop efficient mineral processing technologies and value added products and services; } Build world class R&D excellence; } Promote the mineral-based economics of rural and marginalised communities through technical assistance and skills development; } Research and develop green technologies and processes to mitigate the impact of mineral development on the environment; } Ensure the short-term viability and longterm sustainability of Mintek; } Uphold good governance; } Enhance Mintek's visibilty and credibility to all stakeholders. ifc 1 Mintek Values flap Mintek location 2 Mining Value chain 3 Mintek global actiVities 4 chairMan's oVerView 4 Mintek Board 6 ceo's report 7 Management Organogram 10 perforMance against objectiVes 14 Mintek in brief 16 research, DeVelopMent & technology 16 Gold Industry 18 Platinum Group Metals Industry 19 Uranium Industry 19 Ferrous Metals Industry 20 Rare Earths and Phosphate Industry 20 Base Metals Industry 21 operations anD DeVelopMent 21 Minstral submerged-arc furnace controller 21 Minfurn carbon regeneration furnace 21 Biomed Synthesis laboratory 21 New instruments for mineralogical research 22 Diamond provenance research 22 SAVMINTM Technology 22 FloatStar flotation control package 22 Cliff's chromite project 23 DC arc smelting 23 Prototypes 24 business DeVelopMent, Mineral policy & sustainable DeVelopMent 24 Intellectual property preservation 24 Rehabilitation of derelict and ownerless mines 24 Industry support 24 Support to government departments 24 Promotion of rural economies 24 Training accreditation 1 contents mintek annual report 2012


26 huMan capital DeVelopMent & ManageMent 26 Labour relations 26 Partial re-employment of retrenched workers 27 Research workshops 27 Skills development 27 Quality and Safety 28 TAP programme 28 Mintek Values 28 Health 29 Academic Support and Training 29 Full-Time Undergraduates and Postgraduates 29 Part-Time Undergraduates and Postgraduates 29 Graduate and Postgraduate Internship Programmes 30 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Promotion Programmes 31 awarDs anD recognition 33 staff papers, publications anD conferences 38 corporate goVernance 38 Board of Directors 38 Audit and Risk Committee 38 Internal Control 38 Internal Audit 39 Risk Management 39 Human Resources Committee 38 Technical Committee 39 Fraud Committee 39 Management 39 Operational Performance 40 Going Concern 40 Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (QESH) 40 Radiation Protection Programme 41 annual financial stateMents 42 Audit and Risk Committee Report 44 Directors' Responsibilities and Approval 45 Directors' Report 47 Report of the Auditor-General 48 Financial Statements and Notes ibc* Mintek contacts ibc* acronyMs anD abbreViations 1 inside front cover * inside back cover

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