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Heartbeat Haven ministers to unwed mothers

Thursday, July 25, 2013 Macon County Times

Tilly Cryar about nine clients show up at the Reporter first meeting, so that was a pretty Believing that humanity is carefully created in the image of God about forty clients.? good turnout. Now we?ve grown to and that each one possesses this The center holds these parenting/ inherent dignity and indelible passion of His love, Heartbeat Haven anyone is welcome to come, but pregnancy classes once a week, and Pregnancy Resource Center partners with Christ-centered, lifecare resources out of the Care Closet women who wish to be given childaffirming churches of Middle TN to must attend fairly faithfully. serve, cherish and protect mothers ?We?ve had someone teach on and their babies, born and unborn. breastfeeding and lactation,? said Heartbeat Haven?s new home Baldwin, ?we?ve done a couple is located at 215 Church Street, Couponing 101 classes, we have Lafayette, TN. two teachers coming from the area, Services Provided: licensed counselors, to teach on relationships, development, personality Free pregnancy tests Help and provision for mother and baby including maternity the swaddling concept. We?ve talked and training. We also have taught clothes, baby clothes and accessories about child safety, when to go to the Pregnancy & parenting classes doctor, when you don?t, what you Biblical counseling tell the doctor. We?ve had others Adoption referrals teach on birth and different methods Dillehay of going through the birth pro- Information on abortion Photos proce-bdures L-R: and Rosie risks Cherry and Dorothy Willette cess, work healthy eating, pregnancy 101, Tilly Above: on their Post-abortion letters counseling ect.?really just about everything The heart-and-brain child of you?d need.? church leaders in L-R: the staff Lafayette members area, Angela How Ruiz and can you be involved? Besides the center was Shannon founded Twiford, in Day 2009, Center donation Manager of funds and baby/child says Center Ashley Director Cook, Residential Liz Baldwin. Program items Manager for the Care Closet, the cen- ?There?s a group Lisa of King, pastors and in Director Macon Casey ter?s Stinson. greatest current need is for The Care Closet at the center holds organized racks of childcare supplies. County here that just really felt a Care Advocates, as described on burden for unwed mothers, teen Heartbeat?s website: ers, listeners and soul winners as - Attend at least one training workshop per quarter (every 3 months) staff members for running the build- ?We?re actually looking for some pregnancy, to give them a hope and Care Advocates we serve. to meet their needs,? says Baldwin. ?An advocate is someone who acts Becoming a Care Advocate (CA) - Be in communication with support staff? a Center Director, we?re really just ing here: a Care Closet Consultant, ?So it was really just that group; or intercedes on behalf of another. - Read HH?s Mission and they just prayed about it for several Care Advocates at Heartbeat Haven Statement of Faith They have a great need for these praying that God will provide people months and then Angela Hunter volunteered to kind of spearhead get- to be the hands of Jesus to women and request volunteer packet comes in, you want to be able to give tent basis. are people who get the privilege - Submit short online application counselors just now. ?When a client who can be here on a stable, consisting it going. So she was just super needing support during their pregnancy and the early stages of parentment and volunteer pledge Baldwin. ?We do have a lot of coun- want to work with a client but I - Sign our confidentiality agree- them your undivided attention,? said ?A lot of people say, well, I don?t involved the first year behind the scenes before it actually opened, getting the funds together and the sup- and offer encouragement to them Qualifications would bring in more. With forty er or something in my home. And ing. Care Advocates sponsor clients - Receive director approval selors but we are praying the Lord would really love to host a fundrais- Tilly port. Dillehay And that was ?09. We opened through job, their where presence they and have availability during - Must be a follower of Jesus clients, we?d love to have forty counselors, because we?d like to match if anyone is interested in teaching a that?s great, it takes all sorts. Also, to make sure they the community,? said Director Casey Choices is for adults who may not in February, 2010. Editor bring CARE food classes. and Together, - Must be willing to love and ?We started right off the bat with are here for set hours. Stinson. ?People who are residential have developmental disabilities but we all demonstrate the love of Jesus accept clients them all with just one. One need not class, they can get in touch with us the once a month parenting classes, And that?s what they refer to it as??my are paying rent and all their bills pretty could use extra support. For more ?Hello,? she walks right up to me and and minister according to His heart - Must be willing to participate be a licensed counselor to apply. about that. We eventually will want and then giving them items that by becoming job? or better ?my work?.? supporters, in orientation and much training like in ?The anyone ?It?s would.? a commitment Some of of about information, nine to hire contact an ultrasound DIDD technician. at 615-231- It?s greets were donated me. ?Okay?take to us. Really a we picture,? had she intercessors, The comforters, clients transition encourag-to a Love new Approach? activity the residential centers hours a are month. owned So it?s by a little 5080 bigger some of a are commitment, just rent- but it?s office prob-at 931-537-9100. center; at this point we?re just a or the our goal Pacesetters to be a Medical administrative pregnancy says, grabbing the lens in my hands and about every fifteen or twenty Commitments minutes. Pacesetters, and turning it towards herself, then going They learn a variety of things, Partner from with and als pray located for a client by Pacesetters ably one of staff. the most In lasting all things. pregnancy center. We already have very still. general educational skills?like in the CARE math, program. cases, As the a clients Care You?re have with 24 hour, them for 7 day the whole process, and at the end of four months been donated to us, but we?ll need an ultrasound machine which has Dorothy Willette is ready for her reading, writing, and spelling?to Advocate, sign you will support. have the opportunity to grocery walk along-side Pacesetters a woman who also they offers can determine employment if they want to a technician. I?ve heard the statistic close up. After I snap the picture, she language, nutrition and healthy seems pleased, and when I show it to shopping, exercise, hygiene, is enrolled manners in our support CARE Program. to their clients. keep the same Care Advocate or to recently that it?s a 95% success rate her, she laughs loudly and tells someone nearby, ?that?s me, that?s me!? onsite Health Services Coordinator. time. that Pacesetters Advocates has contracted and the with clients end up We also have a group of women and social interaction. There You is will also be her an advocate Six during of their this 17 switch clients at that have point. a job A lot of Care for women who see a sonogram.? Willette is one of 17 developmentally/intellectually disabled adults who out the week that get them prayer out into nearby. ?We?re contracted ?There to is clean application DHS process us, specific needs, staff, volunteers, They have outings planned - Remember through- to the support Department her in becoming of Human good Services friends.? who meet once a week and pray for work with Pacesetters in Lafayette, TN. the community, as well. ?Last - Follow week, up a and Monday encourage through client and Friday, then two a fourteen hours hour a training clients, once a week, and commit Pacesetters, which has been operating in this area since 1992, has been - Attend CARE classes with your but can also be done with a video pendently. We can help the client?s group went and spent the during day at her B.B. first year day. of enrollment time, which is held twice a year, It?s a kind of a janitorial job to pray throughout the week inde- Kings in Nashville; they ate lunch and they have to maintain.? One other client works at the local Crystals, and in existence since 1971. There are client during her first 4 months of course when group classes are not material needs all we want, but if hung out on 2nd avenue,? said Cook. only five Pacesetters centers, all in the enrollment, after which you may scheduled. their spirit, their heart isn?t being The group also does service partner activities. with another Pacesetters client. (Classes provides ?If any people support wanted to they volunteer but helped?? Upper Cumberland area: they are located in Putnam, Overton, White, Warren, with the local Meals on Wheels Training pro- ? Be more Most equipped of the to clients could at come Pacesetters and be a receptionist in or Heartbeat Haven is are Chaundel For instance, they are heavily are currently involved every need 3rd Thursday.) to do the job. didn?t want to be a counselor, they The Board of Directors at and Macon counties. They are financially supported by the TN Department week. They have a recycling partnership - Go through Phase through 1 of training word of Closet mouth. for Stinson a couple says hours a month. Tirjan, Lydia Eversole, Angela gram, distributing meals three minister times through a available Lafayette training have found do office the work, organization work in the Care Presley, Harold Carman, Dennis of Intellectual and Developmental with local businesses?the businesses ?The Love Approach? that they (online are currently We are accepting really happy applications, for the helping Pacesetters in any way program they can. Brittney Sadler. to have people Hunter, D?lane Ellis, Ken Stacey, Disabilities Liz Baldwin stands (DIDD). in front of Heartbeat Haven's permanent save their location. cans and a Pacesetters course) group The Macon operation is run by picks them up. They?ve had churches and for the adult day services program Director


Casey Stinson,


two managers, and about twenty staff members. help with basic labor activities. ?We?re and other groups


call up and ask for


called Choices they also offer.

Macon County

Alice Cherry It consists of a day center, which operates from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday in the community to give back,? said always looking for things we can do through Friday; and four residential Cook. The residential program houses centers. Tom Dallas and a marshal 10 of of the Pacesetters? early the 17 constitutional clients (the convention others The Serving day Macon center County has space are militias, for classroom five Constables work, an who exercise are elect- area, the a kitchen, village in which All he of was the residential time period and centers to preserve are established live with to protect family). was already closed for that and ed, several bonded and offices. sworn ?They peace bring administrator. their Under within common a two the mile office radius of Constable, of the it day was meals officers: in,? said day center law Manager the Constable center, became and the Pacesetters reinstated provides under Tennessee transportation of the commu- between Code them. Annotated, section 8, Ashley Rick Cook. Noble, ?We representing try to make primary sure official it almost districts feels 1, 2, like 11, 20; they?re Barry coming nity and to a village a ?We?re could not pretty be because much Code integrated changes do into not

Pacesetters: a unique community resource for the intellectually and developmentally disabled

Newberry, representing districts 13, 14, 17, 18; Charles T. (Tom) Dallas, representing districts 5, 8, 9, 10 (now districts 3 & 4); Sammy Morgan, representing districts 6, 7, 12, 19; Jeff Lambert, representing districts 3, 4, 15, 16 History of the Office of the Constable The office of the Constable was introduced into British common law following the Norman invasion of the British Isle in 1066 AD. The Constable was one of many political institutions introduced into English Law by the Norman conquerors whose ?Conestabulus? or ?Count of the Stable? eventually evolved into the Constable Office we established unless a Constable was present. As the colonies grew, the office of the Constable took on new responsibilities. The Constable still had the duty of local peacekeeper, but also had to execute all warrants directed to them by the local justice and assure that no unruly crowds were allowed to gather. The Constable was in many areas, also the clerk of the market and regulated the sale of beer and wine. The Constable was permitted to convene town meetings, pass local ordinances, and levy fines. If any Constable refused to perform his duties while he was in office, he could face heavy fines provided by law. L-R: know Mike today. Pollard and Wanda Carter make Modern some Day art. Constables Originally, the Constable In Tennessee today , the was responsible for keeping Constable is an elected public the militia and armaments of service office. It is a volunteer, uncompensated office. the king and of individual villages. During the reign of King The office was in the original Stephen the office of Lord High 1796 Tennessee Constitution, Constable was established, giving the Constable an integral ?every county SHALL elect a Article 6. This mandated that arm in the military throughout Sheriff, County Judge and sufficient number of Constables? Britain. The Constable became the King?s representative in all to assure the keeping of the matters dealing with the military and oversaw the King?s In 1972, the Constables were peace. castle. mistakenly eliminated from the The Constable of the early Constitution Article 6 when it New England settlements bore was rewritten to eliminate the many of the same duties of County Judge and to create his counterparts in England. the County Executive (now He was the keeper of peace County Mayor) office. Since require approval of constitutional delegates. Section 8 of Tennessee Code is where the office gets its power and authority today. This makes the office of Constable one of the oldest law enforcement professions in the state and Constables are proud bearers of the title of ?Peacekeeper? or ?Peace Officer? rather than ?police? for over 210 years. Currently there are approximately 411 sworn Constable offices serving in 57 of the 96 counties in Tennessee. 39 Tennessee counties have either abolished the office completely or eliminated law enforcement powers of the office. Across the United States there remain Constables in approximately 18 states. The last Constable in California was absorbed into the local Sheriffs department in 2000 and just this year Arkansas voted to abolish the office there. It?s hard to understand why, in this age of terrorism, drugs and crime of all manner that anyone would want less peace officers on the streets rather than more?especially when the Constable costs you, the taxpayers, the taxpayers nothing. Each Constable must provide his/her own equipment, pay for the fuel used for patrol and pay for legally mandated training. Surveys of Constables across Tennessee indicate that this cost is approximately $5000 per Constable initially and an ongoing annual cost of $500 to $2500 dollars per year in office, none of which is reimbursed or repaid by any government entity or taxpayer. There are some exceptions in areas where the good citizens recognize the value and benefit of the office and either make donations for equipment and fuel or have convinced the certain excess equipment and or Homeland Security grant items such as radios and vests available to active Constables. Constables? powers vary from county to county. Some counties have abolished the office entirely and in some counties the office does not have police powers. Approximately 56 of the 96 counties in Tennessee still have Constables with law enforcement powers. In Macon and those counties L-R: County Mark Commissioners Ladd, Richard Wilson, to provide some limited funding such a sworn peace officer, their and where Jana Tirjan the exercise. Constable is still as fuel allotments, body armor law enforcement powers of or communications gear. And arrest and enforcement are some counties have made valid anywhere in the State of As you drive into the town of Lafayette, perhaps you have admired the flowers as you come into town on Highway 10, or around the square, Key Park, etc. The origin of the Lafayette Garden Club dates back to over 45 years ago, when Ruth Froedge became the first president of the Garden Club, along with a few ladies who had a love of flowers, God?s creation, and the beautification of their town, dictated the formation of the Lafayette Garden Club. In addition to all of the Tennessee. The Constable oath of office reads; ?I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the State of Tennessee and the Constitution of the United States or America. I do solemnly swear I will well and truly serve the state in the office of Constable; that I will cause the peace of the state to be kept, to the best of my power; that I will arrest all such persons as go in my sight armed offensively, or who commit any riot, affray, or other breach of the peace, or I will use my best endeavor, on See CONSTABLES | 8

Lafayette Garden Club dedicated to keeping Lafayette beautiful

will be accepted on Sunday, August 5, 2-5 p.m. The ladies look forward to the annual Christmas visit to Knollwood, the Whitehouse, and Stonecrest Assisted Living for Christmas parties. The Lafayette Garden Club welcomes new members. Our meetings are the first Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. You may call any member; each of them would be happy to have you as her guest. We are saddened to report the loss of two of L-R: Richard Wilson and Ricky Whittemore practice counting our dear money members under this the year, direction Ruth of Froedge staff member containers, Kelly Russell they maintain the Courthouse foun- Jean Blankenship. We really do miss them. and tain bed, where in the late fall several hundred Members include: Reba Bellar ? President, tulips are planted to greet everyone in early Barbara Oliver ? Vice-President, Reba Walrond spring. ? Secretary, Linda Tucker ? Treasurer, Gay The Garden Club sponsors the Floral Chamberlain, Trena Bray, Judy chambers, Department at the Macon County Fair in Annete Cothron, Carolyn Cothron, Robbie August. We hope everyone will begin thinking Ford, Betty Gentry, Helen Kemp, Bobbie of the floral exhibits you will enter as Fair time Hauskins, Mary McKinley, Nancy Middaugh, is fast-approaching. The Garden Club provides Cleopas Sloan, Linda Pharris, Gre White, Hazel a $25 gift to the Best Overall Plant and a $25 White, Betty Wilkerson, Lucky Collins, Jolinda gift to the Best Arrangement. All floral entries Dixon, Mary Davis and Judy Wells. The group plays with the ball.

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