my guides, and I've been with some amazing guides. With their help and guidance I've obtained the super slam of sheep, seven elephants, and the big fi ve twice. So, I suppose I've done a bit of shooting in my lifetime. After all of the adventures, in the end, I have an obsession with whitetail deer. Believe it or not, I have actually begun hunting them by myself, without guides. I've taken some of the skills I've learned from my guides and applied them to this obsession, following the lead that my guides have taught me over the years. John Mogle is a good friend of mine. He was with me this year in Montana when I took a net 198 bighorn in the Missouri breaks. I had been dreaming of a giant bighorn ever since I took up hunting and, at last year's sheep convention, I bought the Montana tag. Yes, it was big bucks; and, yes, it was a privileged situation. This is one of the fruits of 28 years of delivering sandwiches, obviously an exceptional privilege. This was the start of my lucky 2009 hunting season. My outfi tter was Bill Brown assisted by one of the best sheep guides in America, Jon Barker. I was able to kill the sheep opening morning, but not without some diffi culty. I was on the ram early when a Fish and Game plane came so close to buzzing us that it spooked the rams. We found them again three hours later and fi nally harvested the ram. Surprisingly, this was not the ram we intended to kill. He vanished the day before the season opener. Jon Barker thought the disappearing ram would go 200. Nonetheless, 198 is a giant and I'm

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blessed to have that ram. I could not have done it alone and I could not have done it without the big money permit. Next bit of luck was the muley muzzleloader season in Nevada. I bought a landowner tag from a good friend named John Fillippini. He was introduced to me by a mule deer maniac from Oregon named Jason Eiguren three years prior. I had hunted with John on his farm for the last three years, and during each of those hunts, I had passed on a spindly non-typical buck. In 2008, I passed the buck, he was nice, but he looked young and immature. Later in the spring, Johnny found his sheds and they scored in the mid-230's. When he called me and told me the score I about passed out. How could I pass on this buck! How stupid was I? The 2009 hunting season rolls around and I negotiated a deal with Johnny to shoot the buck. I arrived at his place a week into the muzzleloader season, headed out to the fi eld and literally got into his deer blind. Johnny told me that in about one hour the buck would come out Spring 2010 71

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