Full body mount of Troy?s buck by Greg Heil with Recreation Taxidermy in Nampa Idaho 208-461-9706, 435-201-2792 re-creationtaxidermy@q.com watched some more footage. The more I saw of this buck, the more I liked the way he looked. This buck wouldn?t get an incredible score; but, after seeing the mass, the cheaters and his width of 35 inches, I didn?t care as much about his score. That video footage made for one sleepless night. The next morning, we all loaded up in fi ve different trucks - hey, what can I say; we had a lot of help. It took about an hour and a half to get to the secret spot. We arrived a half hour before light, just enough time to make a game plan and get everyone in their places. As it began to get light, we could see deer moving. As the light increased, we could pick out the silhouette of the buck. The buck was on the move so we quickly planned our stalk. At one point in time, we got to within 600 yards, but still didn?t dare take a shot. That afternoon found us in the same fl at area that we had been that morning. As soon as we got there, we looked up on the hill where we had the other guys spotting and could tell that they had the buck in their sights. We made a 500-yard stalk to keep a small group of deer from busting us. After navigating that herd safely, I checked on the monster buck Hunter: Troy Christensen ? Location: Utah ? Area: Public land ? Guide: Rod Steele ? Date: December, 2008 ? Time: 4:30 pm ? Days scouted: 45 ? Days hunted: 36 ? Weather: Clear ? Temperature: 30-40?s ? Terrain: Rolling cedars with burn areas ? Gun: Christensen Arms Carbon One Custom ? Caliber: 7mm STW ? Bullets: 139-grain Hornady Interlock hand loads ? Rifl e scope: Swarovski 2-12x50 Z6 BR ? Spotting scope: Swarovski 20-60x80 STS HD ? Binoculars: Swarovski 10x42 EL, 15x56 SLC ? Range fi nder: Leica Geovid ? Camoufl age: King?s Mountain Shadow ? Pack: Badlands Super Day pack Split Image Replicas in Nephi Utah, for information contact Kolyer Andersen 435-660-0391 www.splitimagereplicas.com feeding away from us at 353 yards away. I settled in for the shot with my trusty Christensen Arms 7mm STW. I?m not a patient person, but I knew I had to be for a buck of a lifetime. I waited for 22 minutes for the buck to turn broadside. It seemed like forever. Finally, the buck turned and gave me my shot right behind the front shoulder. The buck lunged forward. I jacked another shell in and smacked him again. This time the buck actually ran closer to us, so I shot him one more time and the huge monster was mine. And that is what dreams are made of baby! Fall 2009 81

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