Heart & Soul

Hamilton-based interior designer Cristina Gallo takes functionality to a whole new luxurious level

By Caitlyn Coverly Photography by Roy Timm

They say home is where the heart is, and for Cristina Gallo her heart is often captured for two-to-four years at a time. As a Hamilton-based interior designer, her job takes her to the beginning stages of some spectacular homes in Southern Ontario, parts of the United States and even Italy. A recent four-year stint with a luxury home in Vaughan, Ontario left her with more than just a warm heart - it left her with a second family. "I basically grew up in the design world working with this family," says Cristina Gallo, owner of Gallo Design Consultants. Having worked on projects for several of the client's relatives, including their parents, it's not hard to imagine Gallo feeling like a member of the family herself. This particular 15,000 square foot home features six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and more detail than you can catch in just one visit. "This home was extremely well planned," explains Gallo. "We worked so closely with the family, to the point where I knew where everything went in the house - from where the family of five would charge their cell phones, to where they would put their keys at the end of a long day. It was a very intimate relationship and the house was custom-designed for their lives." Gallo explains her main goal for this home was to design for functionality. While aiming to be visually appealing, the focus was really on storage and flow. The family's mudroom features a desk where the homeowner can store files - permission forms and report cards - for easy access when sending the children to school each day. The kitchen, Gallo's favourite finished space, features a servery, a pantry equipped with pastry and pasta boards, as well as a butler's pantry. "The house is extremely functional," says Gallo. "We spent a lot of time designing creative storage solutions." 2013 SPRING interiors 35

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