The Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace provides the technical industry expertise, collaborative research and partnerships to help the industry connect, compete and grow. The Center advances recognition of Georgia?s strength in the global aerospace industry and contributes to the entrepreneurial and educational ecosystems required for its continued growth. Home to more than 500 aerospace companies and a total workforce of over 88,000, the state benefits from a diverse industry with three key sectors: ? Aerospace Manufacturing - With major manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream Aerospace, aerospace products were the number one international export of the state at $8.25 billion in 2014, ranking Georgia 4th among U.S. States. ? Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) - Georgia is a perennial top 5 ranked state for MRO operations led by Delta Tech Ops and the U.S. Air Force Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex. ? Air Transportation - The state also benefits from 104 public airports, including the world?s busiest airport -- Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, providing global access from nearly every part of the state. The Center of Innovation for Aerospace supports this robust sector by helping individual companies connect to new markets and technology, compete in the global aerospace market, and grow their capabilities.

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The Next Frontier ? Unmanned Aerial Systems

At the forefront of emerging technology, the Center works with partners in Georgia?s prestigious university system, private companies, and the Federal Aviation Administration to position Georgia as the next leader in unmanned aerial systems. Companies can gain access to research and testing facilities for a range of UAS applications including agriculture (the state?s largest industry), film and media, infrastructure inspection, and public safety.

Reaching For The Stars ? Commercial Space Launch & Operations

The Center of Innovation is marshaling the state?s public and private stakeholders to develop tangible ways to put Georgia in the midst of the emerging commercial opportunities in the Space industry. Georgia?s coastline is ideal for space launch and the existing aerospace infrastructure positions the state to be a key player in space manufacturing and operations. The Center is working with Georgia Tech?s rising expertise in small satellites to nurture small high-tech companies that design or employ these space vehicles in exciting new ways. Georgia?s coastline is ideal for space launch, and the newlyannounced Spaceport Camden, together with the existing aerospace infrastructure, position the state to be a key player.

The Next Generation Of Aviation ? Energy Efficient Aircraft

The Center is facilitating creative ways to keep air transportation capable of serving future needs while addressing environmental issues through new technologies for fuel efficient aircraft, alternative carbon-based fuels, the development of electric propulsion, and other emerging technologies from Georgia?s universities and aviation industry. a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development | Technology Square | 75 Fifth Street, NW, Suite 1200, Atlanta, GA 30308 - USA |

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