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12 July - 25 July 2013 Your FREE Newspaper

EThekwini Municipality wishes all Muslim residents of eThekwini a blessed Ramadan.

Diarrhoea under control

NONDUDUZO NGCONGO and SIMPHIWE DLAMINI INTERVENTIONS to stop the spread of diarrhoea in the eThekwini region are proving effective with reported cases of severely ill patients at different health centres showing a sharp decrease. A team of Health experts from National, Provincial and Local Government Departments of Health as well as the Institute of Communicable Diseases recently completed a week long investigation into suspected cases in certain parts of eThekwini and educated the communities on how to stabilise diarrhoea while seeking for professional help. The team has been visiting communities, families, clinics and government hospitals in the region to investigate and to ascertain what could have been the cause of diarrhoea and cases of all people who have been admitted in hospital for suspected diarrhoea. This was in addition to efforts already put in place by the Municipality to increase awareness about hygiene. Mayor James Nxumalo said they were happy with the interventions by health officials. ?The Municipality in partnership with other Government structures are doing their best to address this matter. We appeal to the community to cooperate and to work with our officials when they do house visits. This will be a continuous effort to prevent such outbreaks in the future,? he said. During the investigation, the team has confirmed that the eThekwini Region has an outbreak of diarrhoea. The team found that more than 50% samples collected came out positive for the Rota virus. Deputy Head of Communicable Disease Services in eThekwini Municipality, Dr Ayo Olowolagba said the investigation is still ongoing to ascertain if the outbreak is as a result of the Rota Virus or something else. A consolidated report is expected to be finalised and will be released to the public as soon as the findings are collated. ?Health Practitioners in the eThekwini Region including in clinics and hospitals will continue to educate the public about hygiene, especially when preparing food, washing of hands, disposal of faecal materials and the whole package of primary health care services,? said Olowolagba. He added that eThekwini Region has a clean water supply that is safe for consumption and most of the houses that were visited have tap water and flushing toilets. ?Mothers and care givers are advised to use the sugar and salt solution properly and adhere to the correct information; as failure to this can result to death which could be easily preventable,? said Olowolagba.


? Make sugar and salt solution by putting 8 teaspoons of sugar, add a teaspoon of salt, put in 1 litre of safe water and mix well. ? Take the person to the clinic immediately. The person can drink the mixture on the way to the clinic. ? Stop diarrhoea with clean water and good hygiene practices such as adding one teaspoon (5ml) of jik in 20-25 litre of water. ? Prepare safe food through washing your hands with soap (or ash) and safe water before you eat or prepare food. Keep all food utensils clean. ? Wash fruit and vegetables with safe water before you eat them. ? Cook all meat, fish and vegetables as well. Keep food covered in a clean, cool place. ? Store raw and cooked food separately. ? Wash your hands with soap (or ash) and safe water, after using the toilet or changing a baby?s nappy, and after throwing away rubbish. ? Keep the toilet clean after using it. Keep the toilet seat clean and the door closed to stop the spread of germs from flies. KEEPING WARM: Mayor James Nxumalo with the help of Councillors and donors handed out thousands of blankets thanks to the Winter Warmth Campaign. Picture: THEMBA KHUMALO

Winter Warmth campaign benefits thousands

THEMBA KHUMALO and RODNEY MOORE THOUSANDS of poor residents from across the length and breadth of the eThekwini Municipality received blankets, wheelchairs and walking sticks recently from Mayor James Nxumalo as part of the Winter Warmth Campaign. The campaign which took place last week was in partnership with the Al Imdaad Foundation. Mayor Nxumalo said the purpose of the campaign is to assist the citizens of eThekwini, particularly the elderly to stay warm during the cold winter season and to assist those that are vulnerable. ?The campaign confirms that we care about the needy. We have more than doubled the number of beneficiaries from last year?s campaign, last year we donated more than 2000 blankets and that number has exceeded 5000 this year.? Nxumalo thanked NGO?s and the private sector for their generosity emphasising that the NGO?s and the private sector play a pivotal role in assisting government to provide services citizens. ?They are an extended arm of government. So we urge them to join hands with government so we can provide a better life for all.? The Winter Warmth Campaign is part of the Mayoral Outreach Programme and Operation Sukuma Sakhe, which seeks to intervene in assisting the needy communities. Nxumalo said, ?Although we may not reach all of our needy citizens, the distribution of these blankets and wheelchairs will go a long way in alleviating the dire situation faced by vulnerable citizens. This cannot have been achieved without the help of our sponsors and partners, particularly the Al Imdaad Foundation.? Al- Imdaad Foundation?s Project Coordinator Abed Karrim said the Foundation?s annual Winter Warmth Campaign aimed at assisting communities by providing them with quality blankets. ?We want to bring back the concept of Ubuntu, where we say you are who you are because we are helping each other to live better as individuals. In the olden days no one went hungry because neighbours shared whatever little they had. Through this foundation we are doing what we can to ensure that people are warm during winter.? Nonhle Dlamini from Ward 41 said she was happy for getting a blanket. ?It will certainly help quell the cold and we are very grateful to the Municipality and to all those who contributed.?

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