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Combating corruption

CHARMEL PAYET ETHEKWINI Mayor Zandile Gumede is serious about rooting out corruption in the City, as is evident by the dismissal of staff members found to be flouting the law. All suspected cases of fraud or corruption reported to the City are also thoroughly investigated. Gumede reiterated her commitment to rooting out corruption and ensuring good governance in eThekwini during her weekly report back to the Executive Committee on, 19 October. She urged Municipal officials and the public to report any suspicions they may have of corrupt behaviour immediately to the City?s Integrity and Investigations Unit to be thoroughly investigated. ?As I said in my inaugural speech, I am serious about tackling corruption in the City. This cannot be done overnight as processes have to be followed. I will report back to this committee on progress made in this regard,? she said. Her commitment that the City means business and can be trusted to efficiently manage the public purse is evident in the Back to Basics Report for August 2016. The report states that 219 fraud and corruption instances were reported in August, with forensic investigations initiated for all the cases. There were 45 disciplinary cases instituted on fraud and corruption during August with seven dismissals for fraud and corruption during the same month. Furthermore, sanctions have been made against perpetrators of fraud, corruption and maladministration. Meanwhile, since her election to office, Gumede has led a number of initiatives to empower residents in the City to show that eThekwini was indeed a caring City. Gumede held the first of a series of Mayoral stakeholder engagements on 13 October at the Durban City Hall. ?Over 2 000 delegates attended the meeting where I shared my vision for the City and what I wanted to achieve during my tenure. It was also an opportunity to let the delegates know about the various interventions we are implementing to ensure efficient service delivery,? she said. Gumede said the Municipality is strongly committed to the principles of accountability, transparency, anticorruption, proper financial management and effective internal control systems. ?In the current Integrated Development Plan, our Municipality has deliberately focused on steering the organisation on a path of compliance and rooting out fraud and corruption which has undoubtedly set the necessary foundation for sustainable service delivery,? said Gumede. The Municipality has, over the years, improved its austerity measures to crack down on fraud, corruption and maladministration, as well as ensuring that the Supply Chain Management procedures are adhered to. Anyone with proof of an act of corruption, must report such a matter to the eThekwini City Integrity and Investigations Unit on 0800 20 20 20 or email ombuds@ The Municipality adopts a zero tolerance stance on corruption and does not victimise those who report it. Municipal employees and members of the public are encouraged to report alleged transgressions in order to root out corruption in our organisation. Zandile Gumede eThekwini Mayor Human Settlements and Trading Services Committee Chairperson Councillor Mondli Mthembu (second from right) and Ward 20 Councillor Mandla Mbambo (second from left) handed over six bicycles to the Go!Durban Academy and the Durban Green Corridor as part of the City?s Transport Month and service delivery activities.

A safer and connected City

CHARMEL PAYET ETHEKWINI Municipality is passionate about youth empowerment and has encouraged youth to be innovative by creating artwork on their vision of what transport in the City could look like in years to come. The artwork was presented to the Chairperson of the Human Settlements and Trading Services Committee, Councillor Mondli Mthembu, academy cyclists and other City officials at a ceremony held on 26 October at the GO!DurbanCycle Academy at KwaDabeka Adventures. Mthembu was inspired by what the young people of the GO!Durban Cycle Academy had come up with which illustrated their future vision of transport for the City. The theme was fitting as October is national Transport Month and a series of road safety awareness campaigns were conducted in the City to raise awareness of the vital role that transport plays in society to improve communities. Mthembu said the youth?s creations encapsulated what they envisioned the City?s public transport system to be. He said exposing young people to programmes such as these helped them to imagine a safer and connected City. Over 100 children who are enrolled in the GO!Durban Cycle Academy gathered at eNanda Adventure Park and KwaDabeka Adventures over the past few weeks to paint their futuristic vision.



Some of the works were selected for printing as banners, which will be erected at the eThekwini Transport Authority offices later this week in recognition of Transport Month. Interacting with the children, Mthembu congratulated them for their interest and efforts in creating some ?truly amazing and beautiful work that inspires and motivates us all to improve and create a better transport system to the benefit of all.? The City?s commitment to youth programmes was further emphasised by the handing over of six bicycles to the Academy and to the Durban Green Corridor. The bicycles were recently used on the GO!Durban stand at the Sustainable Living Expo to demonstrate GO!Durban?s non-motorised transport network (NMT). This network is being created for walking, cycling, running and small wheeled transport such as wheelchairs, skateboards and push chairs. ?Developing this NMT network is an integral part of the sustainability of the future of transport for all the people in the City,? said Mthembu. ?Rolling out a number of cycle academies at Durban Green Corridor sites is part of the greater picture of creating a culture of walking and cycling.We will not only be encouraging citizens to lead healthier, more active lifestyles but it will also help to reduce the need to use motorised transport,? he added. REGISTRATION FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AT


031 266 9937/8 ? ? 031 311 4500

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