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August - 7 September 2017 Your FREE Newspaper


News: Page 3 News: Page 4 News: Page 9 SILINDILE MALULEKA MAYOR Zandile Gumede has made a clarion call to the 3.7 million eThekwini residents to rally behind the healthy City initiative which is a strategic intervention that will result in a holistically healthy City. Mayor Gumede announced to stakeholders on 10 August, her high-level plans to ensure and promote a healthy City. Addressing stakeholders at the Durban City Hall, Mayor Gumede said the health of eThekwini goes beyond the physical wellbeing of its residents. ?In November last year, I said that the future of eThekwini and the realisation of its vision to be Africa?s most caring and liveable City by 2030 hinges on building a holistically sustainable healthy City,? she said. Explaining the initiative, Mayor Gumede said it will include the City?s financial status, levels of cleanliness, environmental protection and socio-economic developments. ?The healthy city concept SILINDILE MALULEKA A PROVINCIAL and City leadership has visited Mariannridge to address housing delivery issues and land invasion threats following days of unrest in Ward 13. On 23 August, KwaZulu- Natal MEC for Human Settlements and Public Works Ravi Pillay and eThekwini Municipality?s Human Settlements and Infrastructure Committee Chairperson Councillor Mondli Mthembu met with community leaders at the Mariannridge Police Station. MEC Pillay announced that a housing development is in the pipeline with the construction camp to be set up on 28 August for construction to take place no later than 14 September 2017. also includes human and infrastructure development, empowerment, the environment, safety, social cohesion, food security and ?The housing project will be done in two phases with the construction of 350 units in Phase 1 on immediate available land and 150 units in Phase 2 to be built at a later stage due to scarce vacant land. Once the project is complete, it will accommodate 500 families in the area,? he explained. The unrest was triggered by land invasion that took place in the area by people who are not from the Ward. This sparked anger among residents from the Ward who then retaliated in protest action. The rampant land invasion comes after Abahlali baseMjondolo?s interim court interdict against eThekwini Municipality which prevents further demolitions of illegal dwellings of 241 listed applicants provided that they be verified. accessibility. Cleaning up the environment does not only create a more pleasant place to live, but it also creates a good impression While the City has been prevented, through the interim court interdict, from demolishing structures of the verified applicants in the matter, the Land Invasion Unit is still operating as per normal and is responding to cases of reported land invasion in the City. Councillor Mthembu said the Municipality will not tolerate abuse of the interim court interdict by opportunistic people who are hell-bent on invading land. ?As a City, we condemn any acts of land invasion because there are developments and regeneration plans in the pipeline in eThekwini, which will improve the lives of all residents,? he said. It was agreed that a steering committee must be established along with on prospective employers, investors, professionals and tourists,? she explained. To ensure that the initiative makes an impact in clear communication channels to keep residents informed regularly on the developments of the project. Meanwhile, the City leadership has met with the Bonella community following unrest resulting in land invasion by people who are believed to be from other wards. Councillor Mthembu added that he met with the local leadership from Bonella. ?Talks to ensure that the matter is completely resolved are underway. Police will continue to ensure that law and order is maintained in the area,? he said. The public is urged to respect the City?s by-laws and the laws of the country. Government is aware of the challenges regarding houses and is working hard to address this.


Mayor intervenes to build a healthy City

Mayor Zandile Gumede recently unveiled the Healthy City Initiative at the Durban City Hall. The initiative aims to promote a healthy, clean, green and caring City through conducting clean-up campaigns. Picture: ZAMANTUNGWA GUMEDE communities, the City has grand urban renewal and inner City regeneration plans, solid plans for tourism growth, investment promotion, catalytic projects that will grow its rates base and create jobs, economic transformation and environmental management. Law enforcement operations are conducted by various Units including Metro Police, Building inspectorate, Business Licencing, iTrump, Cleansing and Solid waste. ?Our City does a lot, but we need to garner support from residents and businesses in order to achieve our objectives in a more impactful and sustainable manner. In this regard, the City needs to embark on a social mobilisation campaign on which to pin its work and through it achieve maximum public participation, agreement and develop partnerships,? elaborated Mayor Gumede, who will be embarking on City-wide roadshows to promote the healthy City initiative. In the next few weeks, Mayor Gumede will establish an Environmental Stakeholders Forum. ?We will establish consultative forums or dialogues to collectively deal with health, safety and environmental challenges facing our City,? she said. Through the establishment of the Environmental Stakeholders Forum, Mayor Gumede plans to mobilise Council departments in partnership with various stakeholders to look at health, safety and enforcement of Municipal by-laws. ?We will support various efforts aimed at improving our living conditions. We will also strengthen partnerships between Council departments and various stakeholders, empower partners to act constructively and responsibly by providing relevant and up to date information and educational materials. We will also encourage good working relationships among partners to achieve a spirit of cooperation and to develop strategies for implementation and monitoring,? said Mayor Gumede.

Provincial and City leadership address land invasion unrest

(From left to right) Ward 13 Councillor Reginald Cloete, eThekwini?s Human Settlements and Infrastructure Committee Chairperson Councillor Mondli Mthembu and KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Human Settlements and Public Works Ravi Pillay addressed residents of Mariannridge on issues facing the community following land invasion unrest. Picture: ZAMANTUNGWA GUMEDE

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