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Housing issues clarified

SLINDILE MALULEKA MAYOR James Nxumalo has clarified the issue of housing delivery in eThekwini Municipality following recent service delivery protests by residents of Cato Crest, Kennedy Road and Isiphingo Transit Camp over houses. Mayor James Nxumalo said eThekwini Municipality was facing a huge challenge of urbanisation, which results in the migration of people from different areas of our province and elsewhere, in search of better economic opportunities. ?This results in the mushrooming of informal settlements which adds to the current backlog. We are very serious about service delivery and will continue to work diligently to implement our plans,? he said. Nxumalo cited land invasion as another challenge that hindered the efficient delivery of houses. ?The Land Invasion Unit has had to deal with a number of cases of people who have attempted to occupy pieces of vacant land with the hope that this forces the City?s hand into providing houses and services ahead of others,? Nxumalo said. Council has adopted a zero tolerance approach to land invasion and is committed to putting an end to this practice. In cases of new land invasions, the Municipality is not obliged to prioritise invaders for housing delivery nor will it be obliged to provide services like water, electricity and sanitation.

President to open Bridge City train station

The Cato Manor in-situ upgrade project was initiated by the erstwhile Cato Manor Development Association (CDMA) and when the CDMA folded the project was taken over by eThekwini Municipality. In 2006 there were about 3 500 families, and the current estimate stands at approximately 4 000. The current in-situ upgrade will yield about 1 500 units with a budget of R113 million. Already 850 units have been built and allocated to beneficiaries, and services have been made available in the form of water, sanitation and roads. The balance of work is in progress. The project will not be enough to cater for all residents and a further 2 000 will have to be relocated to other housing projects and this includes families currently staying in the local transit camp. Regarding Isiphingo Camp, Nxumalo said there are 750 families residing in the camp currently. ?The Municipality is presently engaging with residents about plans for their relocation and pieces of land already been identified for feasibility assessments,? he said. Due to the topology in the Kennedy Road area and being located close to a landfill site, an in-situ development could only yield about 700 units, which means that close to 2 000 families would have to be relocated to other Greenfield projects. ?Currently plans for construction on site are already being implemented. Coupled with this are relocation plans which will be announced in due course,? said Nxumalo. PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma is expected to open a new 3.5 km dual railway link in Bridge City which has been funded by PRASA, with some contributions by the Municipality and private developers to the value of R1.3 billion. The official opening of what has been hailed as the largest rail infrastructure development project in the Durban area, will take place on Saturday 19 October. The new passenger link will connect the mixed use Bridge City development, which encompasses the communities of Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu (INK), with existing rail infrastructure, through an underground station at the new development. The rail link will connect with the existing multi-use rail line at Duffs Road station. The Bridge City station will include a bus and taxi interchange. VERY CLASSY: Mayor James Nxumalo leads the the National Minister of Human Settlements, Connie September during site visits to various housing projects in eThekwini including the Presidential Housing project in Cornubia and Lakehaven Social Housing project phase 2. Picture: GUGU MQADI

Minister inspects housing projects

SLINDILE MALULEKA NATIONAL Human Settlements Minister, Connie September, who recently visited eThekwini Municipality, was impressed with the progress made on housing projects in the City. Mayor James Nxumalo assisted September in conducting site visits to major housing projects including the Presidential Housing Project Cornubia and Lakehaven Social Housing project Phase 2. The Minister?s site visit is part of a national programme to visit all provinces in South Africa to assess the progress that has been made in housing projects. September was accompanied by officials from the National and Provincial Human Settlements including MEC Ravi Pillay. After a walkabout in Cornubia, September said in these projects; people are able to see practical service delivery regarding the rollout of houses in South Africa. ?These projects are good because we see a great significance in the delivery of houses. These projects are being constructed in areas that are convenient and are surrounded by amenities. This is what we have always wanted to do, to house people and to improve their lives while bringing them closer to amenities,? she said. September was appointed to the position of Human Settlements Minister in July 2013 Mayor James Nxumalo said he was pleased with the work that has been done on the two housing projects because it was of high quality. He said phase 1A of Cornubia was nearing completion and would be launched by President Jacob Zuma in due course, as this was a Presidential housing project. ?This project is going to integrate people and bring them closer to amenities as there will be schools, libraries and community halls,? Nxumalo said. He added that the number of housing projects in eThekwini proved that the Municipality was serious about service delivery. Lakehaven Phase 2 is a Greenfield development and is located in Sea Cow Lake valley adjacent to the River Horse Business Park. It is strategically placed amongst employment opportunities and social amenities. Phase 1A of Cornubia, which has 482 units and is targeted at those who earn a monthly income of less than R3 000, is nearing completion. As per allocation policy, 250 units had been allocated to people from various Wards. The remaining 232 units were to be allocated to residents from one informal settlement within eThekwini, which would then be demolished. This informal settlement is yet to be identified. The Municipality?s allocation strategy adopts a long term approach to reducing informal settlements by identifying a settlement and moving all occupants at one go to minimise informal settlements and effectively deal with the mushrooming of further informal dwellings in the City.

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