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Friday, September 28, 2012



Anniversary Of The Estes Park Museum

Open House Celebration October 27 th 5-7 p.m. Please join us in celebrating the Museum's 50


anniversary, Saturday, October 27 th 5-7 p.m. at the museum. The museum will shine with an outstanding program featuring a memory wall by volunteers of the museum from past years, a time capsule for the next fifty years and a peek at a few of the most valued treasures in the museum's collection. Come hear stories from the past and help honor all those who have contributed to our outstanding museum. So save the date for this very special celebration. Cake and champagne will be served and memories shared. Fifty years ago members of the Estes Park community had the foresight to save our history for generations to come and the commitment to make it happen. Spurred by the Park Service's Mission 66 which was removing the early home-

Live Music From Seven Nations This Sunday!

Special Event! Sunday, September 30 th only! A Live Musical Performance! 7 Nations is performing a Benefit Concert for the Historic Park Theatre. This will help us raise money to go digital this winter. We have to raise enough money to purchase a digital projector. They run over $70,000. So come enjoy 7 Nations with us on this special benefit concert day. Seven Nations is a Celtic rock band that formed in New York City in 1993. The name comes from the seven Celtic nations, including Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man and Galicia. Through its touring schedule and dynamic live performances, Seven Nations has become one of the fastest growing live acts nationwide. They have logged in more than 300,000 touring miles trying to make the music universal for old and new fans alike. To the five member band, that means being on tour 85 percent of the year, melding guitar and vocal elements of American pop and rock with Highland bagpipes steads and tourist facilities in Rocky Mountain National Park, volunteers collected artifacts which would have been destroyed or dispersed and housed them in a cinder block building, which they Original concrete block building, constructed by volunteers and completed in 1966. Photo courtesy Estes Park Museum Estes Park Museum as it looks to today, after four additions. Photo courtesy Estes Park Museum built on land donated by the Town of Estes Park. If you or your family members participated in the creation of the museum in 1962 we want to honor you now. If you were a volunteer or contributed in any way in those early years, we'd like to hear from you. If you love and care about our Estes Park Museum please join us in this celebration. We are also seeking photos of the museum, events, exhibits and volunteers. If you have a story or memorabilia from our early years please e-mail or call 586-6413. Just as those in 1962 attempted to save the history of the early settlers in Estes Park and the National Park we want to save and preserve the history of the Museum itself. Come join us as we reflect on our past, honor those who made it happen and look to the next fifty years. and fiddle. The result is a high-energy performance that has fans jumping out of their seats, and has sparked interest industry-wide. Continuing their tour this September, Seven Nations will be performing live at the Historic Park Theatre for this special benefit concert. Event times are 2 and 7 p.m. Tickets are only $15. To purchase tickets via credit card, call the theatre at 970-586-8904.

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