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Friday, October 5, 2012

Jill & Grant Spencer, DC

Aviation Internationale Meeting

Captain Jack Endacott, U.S. Navy (Retired) spent 32 years (Aug. 1943-Sept. 1975) of continuous active service during WW II, Korea and Vietnam and saw combat in two of them. He flew both propeller and jet aircraft from aircraft carriers accumulating 465 carrier landings, 35 at night. He served on nine U.S. carriers, original Ranger, Philippine Sea, Midway, Roosevelt, Kearsarge, Boxer, second Hornet, second Ranger, and Hancock. He flew 17 different aircraft - his program will be about these aircraft starting with the first, an Aeronca Chief to the last in an A4 Skyhawk. Jack and his wife Maxine retired to Estes Park in 1996 and will celebrate their 62 nd wedding anniversary soon. The meeting will be held on Tuesday Oct. 9 th at 6:30 p.m. at the Estes Valley Library. All are welcome.

Specificity is the Difference




Get Better Faster!

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Cooking On High

by Esther A. Cenac

The cool weather will be soon upon us and that means soup time! Last summer when the fans were going and we had the entire great outdoors to enjoy, soup was farthest from my mind or appetite. That is why I saved the following great recipe until now. Last July I was getting ready to play Bingo at the American Legion hall. It was hot and noisy, even with the windows wide open. Alice, a friend of mine, arrived and she was accompanied by another lady. They were on time but usually Alice arrived before me. I inquired where they had been. Nosey? Of course not! She should have said, "None of your business." But Alice knew I was only being friendly. Kitty, her friend had had her over for a supper of cabbage chili soup. Now that piqued my interest. I usually put cabbage in my vegetable soup but cabbage chili soup? I asked her to share the recipe, even though I was a bit hot and really not in the mood for any kind of soup at the moment. I knew that I would certainly try it in the future. Well, I plan on making it next week for some of my friends. I hope that they like it. The soup along with a salad, bread and dessert make a full and nutritious meal with hardly any work on my part. As a side note, I have been having my garage painted along with the floor and had to take everything inside. I have an extra pantry in the garage, filled with all kinds of good stuff. Low and behold, I "found" all of the canned fixings for the soup while gathering up all the food to clear out that pantry.

Cabbage Chili Soup

1-1/12 lbs. ground lean beef 1 chopped onion 2 cloves peeled and minced garlic 1-14 oz. can diced tomatoes 1-14 oz. can diced tomatoes with green chilies 1-large can tomato sauce and 2 cans water 1-can beef broth 1-cut up head of cabbage- I would cut it up like for slaw. 2-cans of Bush's chili beans or for less spice use 2-cans of red kidney beans with 2 tsp. chili powder Brown and drain the beef and onions and garlic. Set aside. Mix all of the tomato products and broth and add the cabbage. Simmer till cabbage is almost done (tender). Add beef mixture and beans and simmer until cabbage is tender. You can always reach me at my email, Some of you have emailed me about that cherry chocolate cake and seemed to really like it. One lady made it with a gluten free cake mix. How clever we can be when we need to. One lady couldn't believe that all you had to do was follow my instructions. That was a really old recipe, sometimes they are the best. Bon App├ętit.

First 50 Years Of EP Museum At ARD Mtg.

Derek Fortini, Museum Manager and Curator of Exhibits, will offer a presentation highlighting the 50 year anniversary of the founding of the Estes Park Museum at the Association for Responsible Development's (ARD) monthly meeting on Friday, October 12 th , at 10:00 a.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room at Good Samaritan Village. Derek will discuss the need for the Museum, the path the Museum has taken to get to its present state as well as its potential for the future. Derek insists "while it is definitely worth celebrating the past 50 years, it is just as important to be thinking about the next 50 years. This is a museum for the community of Estes Park, so community questions, comments, and ideas will be encouraged." ARD programs are open to the public as special guest speakers make presentations on a variety of topics important to the development of the Estes Valley. Additional information will be announced before each meeting in this newspaper. ARD is dedicated to preserving the unique mountain character and natural beauty of the Estes Valley by fostering appropriate and responsible development. Business meetings are held on the second Friday of every month in the Assisted Living Multi-Purpose Room at Good Samaritan Village beginning at 8:30 a.m. Members and guests are always welcome. For more information, contact Tom at (970) 586-9257 or email

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