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Friday, October 19, 2012

By: Michelle Hurni Cory Gardner may not represent Estes Park after 2012 (because of the 2010 redistricting) but he did take time out of his campaign to check in with constituents in Estes Park at Cheesy Lees. He wants them to know he's still in Washington fighting for them. Representative Gardner said the biggest shocker when he arrived in Washington D.C. for his first term was how people in Washington believe they can spend and print the way out of this recession. He advocates more jobs to kick start the economy. One of the biggest benefits he has seen as a U.S. Representative is the ability to nominate candidates to U.S. service academies. He had the privilege of calling a young man who was accepted to West Point and fulfilling that candidates dream to defend our country. If Gardner wins his re-election bid, he wants to get the economy back on track over the next two years. He wants to reform the tax code so we have longerterm certainty, instead of our representatives having to hold last minute votes each year to extend existing tax cuts. Im-

U.S. Representative Cory Garder Visits Estes Park

Cory Gardner supports the local Estes Park pizza parlor, Cheesy Lees. Photo by Michelle Hurni Elkhorn Lodge is now offering Haunted Hay Rides now through Octo- portant reforms to him are the Estate Tax (if not reformed, it will go up to 55%), the business tax, and to broaden the base so we have more people employed who are paying taxes. When he was a young boy, he remembers his dad saying, "we're going to pay more taxes this year." His dad explained it as a good thing and Cory wants to pass that along. If you earn more money (either as a business or individual), you have more money and can pay your "fair share" of taxes. When the 2010 census created a redrawing of districts, Estes Park was removed from Larimer County (for representation purposes) and lumped in with Boulder in the 2 nd Congressional District. Kevin Lundberg (R) is running against incumbent Jared Polis (D) for the U.S. House of Representatives. Cory Gardner believes Kevin Lundberg can win that race and join him in Washington D.C. The current breakdown in the U.S. House of Representatives is 3 Democrats and 4 Republicans, while both Senators are Democrats. Cheesy Lees hosted Cory Gardner and the Estes Park constituents for a lunch of pizza and wings.

A Special Way To Thank Our Downtown Merchants For Their Halloween Generosity

As a way to thank our downtown merchants for their generosity each and every year at Halloween, why not consider purchasing a few bags of Halloween treats and donate it to one or more of our downtown shops who so graciously give of their time and money to purchase treats as well as staff their front doors for the hundreds and hundreds of people who come to celebrate Halloween in Estes Park. There is also a cart at the door on the west end of our local Safeway store where you can drop off Halloween treats which will be distributed by Estes Valley Partners for Commerce to our downtown businesses. Please consider giving back to those who give so much for our Halloween celebration. Thank you! Watch our 2011 video:

Haunted Hay Rides At The Elkhorn Lodge

ber from 5-9 p.m. Call 970-586-4416 for reservations and more information.

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