Stanley Ghost Stories Reprinted

The Stanley Museum has revised and reprinted "Stanley Ghost Stories" by Susan S. Davis. Originally published in 2005 and out-of-print, the new edition revisits many of the ghost stories associated with the Stanley Hotel and adds new information on F.O. & Flora Stanley, who are forever connected with the hotel that bears their name. The new book is being released in stores in time for Halloween and the re-release in some theaters of the classic thriller, "The Shining." From the publisher's description: "A A big thank you to all of our supporters, friends, and theater goers for their understanding of our cancellation of last weekend's performances of "Art of Murder." Being the 16 th production in our brief history, it was a first. To have to cancel three performances on such short notice Recently a new billboard was put up in Loveland to advertise a local, Estes Park business, the Big Horn Restaurant. This is really nothing new as there are many billboards on Highways 34 and 36 promoting our local businesses to potential customers traveling to Estes Park. What makes this one unique however is that the artwork on the Big Horn Restaurant billboard was created by a local artist. This person actually moved to Estes Park from Illinois with his family thirteen years ago, with the goal of becoming a nature artist. This person became distracted from his original goal of fulfilling his dream because instead, he decided to start up a local newspaper with his wife. You may have guessed the artist's name by now. It's Gary Hazelton, co-owner of the Estes Park News who, along with his wife Kris, started the Estes Park News. Upon first arriving in Estes Park, Gary immediately began creating artwork featuring area wildlife. One of his pieces included a Bighorn sheep ram. He titled this colored pencil drawing, "His contemporary history of the famed Stanley Hotel, built in 1908 in Estes Park, Colorado, by F.O. Stanley, and made famous by author Stephen King and film-maker Stanley Kubrick as the inspiration for 'The Shining.' This book focuses on the alleged haunting of the hotel, recounting collected ghost stories and sightings in recent years through the use of second hand accounts and digital photographs of suspected paranormal activity. This newly

Update From Director Of "Art Of Murder"

was difficult and the cast and crew were deeply saddened. Saddened mostly because of the sudden serious illness of our leading man. He wanted to go on because he loved the role and did not want to let his fellow cast members and our supporters down, but...it could not happen. He is better and will be "walking the

New Billboard Features Hazelton Artwork

Majesty." After investing in high quality, limited edition prints, Gary presented one to the Big Horn restaurant to use for their promotion and display. Owners Sid and Laura Brown were happy to use this drawing in their advertising for the past 12 years. The two decided to include "His Majesty" in their new billboard on Highway 34. This billboard can be seen just

Friday, October 12, 2012

revised edition adds further historical detail on F.O. Stanley and his wife, Flora, said to haunt the hotel, though ironically they were 'confirmed skeptics'." The book retails for $10.95. boards" of another product in the future. Our next scheduled production is the original Mike Young play (third in a series) will be presented in the first quarter of 2013. Our 2013 Season is being planned now and will be announced later this Fall. Thanks to each of you and good health to our leading man from the cast and crew of EPRTC's "Art of Murder." EP NEWS/ Kris Hazelton before entering the canyon to Estes Park from Loveland. Gary is very pleased that the Browns decided to include his artwork. It fulfills Gary's vision of people appreciating his dream of illustrating the wildlife of the Rocky Mountains. Watch for the sign on your next trip up from Loveland!

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