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Henk Delport


AHRLJ: African Human Rights Law Journal (Juta) EL: Employment Law (LexisNexis) I & T: Insurance and Tax (LexisNexis) ITR: Income Tax Reporter (LexisNexis) JJS: Journal for Juridical Science: Faculty of Law, University of the Free State SALJ: The South African Law Journal (Juta) SA Merc LJ: SA Mercantile Law Journal (Juta) SJ: Speculum Juris (LexisNexis) T H R H R : Ty d s k r i f v i r Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg (LexisNexis) TSAR: Tydskrif vir die Suid- Afrikaanse Reg (Juta) Banking law Nagel, CJ and Pretorius, JT 'Company signatures on cheques - the saga continues' 73.2 2010 THRHR 336. Nagel, CJ and Pretorius, JT 'Taxpayers beware the SARS cheque refund' 73.3 2010 THRHR 482. Rautenbach, IM 'Cancellation clauses in bank-customer contracts and the Bill of Rights' 2010 (3) TSAR 637. Constitutional law Barrie, GN 'Die soewereiniteit van die Britse parlement in 2010: Is dit steeds soos Dicey dit uitgespel het?' 2010 (3) TSAR 486. Contracts Bhana, D 'The enforcement of pre-emption: A proposed new form of specific performance' 73.2 2010 THRHR 288. Nortje, M 'A new look at materiality' 2010 (3) TSAR 468. Nortje, M 'Unfair contractual terms - effect of constitution' 73.3 2010 THRHR 517. Pretorius, C-J 'Exemption clauses and mistake' 73.3 2010 THRHR 491. Corporate law Du Plessis, JJ 'Revisiting the judge-made rule of non-interference in internal company matters' 127.2 2010 SALJ 304. Joffe, H 'Key policies - an interesting case' 25.2 2010 I & T 3. Loubser, A 'The business rescue proceedings in the Companies Act of 2008: Concerns and questions (part 1)' 2010 (3) TSAR 501.* Mongalo, TH 'Must a section 21 non-profit company be concerned only with charitable, benevolent or philanthropic activities? A closer look at the SCA judgment in Cuninghame v First Ready Development 249' 127.2 2010 SALJ 195. Van der Linde, KE 'Die korporatiewe sluier: Is daar lig voor in die wapad?' 2010 (3) TSAR 644. Credit law Stoop, PN 'The impact of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 on school fees charged by public schools' 73.3 2010 THRHR 451. Van Heerden, C and Lötz, DJ 'Over-indebtedness and discretion of court to refer to debt counsellor' 73.3 2010 THRHR 502. Criminal law Le Roux, J 'Private defence: Strict conditions to be satisfied' 73.2 2010 THRHR 328. Criminal procedure Songca, R 'Revising section 170A of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977' 73.3 2010 THRHR 402. Delict Neethling, J 'Owerspel as onregmatige daad - die Suid- * See also 52 of this issue - Editor. Afrikaanse reg in lynregte teenstelling met die Nederlandse reg' 73.2 2010 THRHR 343. Neethling, J and Potgieter, JM 'Delictual liability for loss of property' 73.3 2010 THRHR 486. Dispute resolution Bekink, B and Bekink, M 'Considering the benefits of legal aid and legal representation at State expense for certain meritorious family institutions and their members: South African and international demands' 23.2 2009 SJ 87. Chokuda, CT 'International investment dispute resolution: A review of the resolution of investment disputes arising out of the land reform programme in Zimbabwe' 21.5 2009 SA Merc LJ 753. Zaal, FN 'Children's courts and alternative dispute resolution in care and protection cases: An assessment of the legislation' 73.3 2010 THRHR 353. Estate agency Delport, H 'Estate agents' commission: "Effective cause" explained (1)' 73.3 2010 THRHR 414. Evidence Churr, C 'Child witnesses: The battle to testify' 73.3 2010 THRHR 384. De Villiers, DS 'Old "documents", "videotapes" and new "data messages" - a functional approach to the law of evidence (part 1)' 2010 (3) TSAR 558. Family law De Jong, M 'A pragmatic look at mediation as an alternative to divorce litigation' 2010 (3) TSAR 515. De Ru, H 'A critical analysis of the retention of spousal benefits for permanent same-sex life partners after the coming into operation of the Civil Union Act 17 of 2006' 23.2 2009 SJ 111. Kruuse, H 'Drawing lines in the sand: AM v RM 2010 2 SA 223 (ECP)' 23.2 2009 SJ 127. Sloth-Nielsen, J 'Seen and heard? New frontiers in child participation in family law proceedings in South Africa' 23.2 2009 SJ 1. Sonnekus, JC 'Huweliksgevolge eindig in die reel met ontbinding van die huwelik?' 2010 (3) TSAR 626. Insolvency Zulman, RH 'Cross-border insolvency in South African law' 21.5 2009 SA Merc LJ 804. Insurance Van Niekerk, JP 'Choice of English law and practice in a "South African short-term policy" of marine insurance: Jurisdiction and applicable law' 2010 (3) TSAR 590. Wood-Bodley, MC 'Life policies and marriages in community of property - who owns the proceeds of the policy on the insured's death?' 127.2 2010 SALJ 224. Intellectual property Alberts, W 'Substantive and procedural facets of honest concurrent use in South African trade mark law' 127.2 2010 SALJ 339. Klopper, HB 'Copyright in works produced in the course of employment' 73.3 2010 THRHR 475. International law Vrancken, P 'The marine component of the South African territory' 127.2 2010 SALJ 207. IT law Pistorius, T 'Cyberbusters versus cybersquatters: Round II in the ZADNA ring' 21.5 2009 SA Merc LJ 661. Jurisprudence Raath, AWG and Nydem, L 'Celebrating the common law rights of man - a note on Blackstone's work on natural law and natural rights' 34.2 2009 JJS 118. 54 DE REBUS, NOVEMBER 2010

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