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Henk Delport


EL: Employment Law (LexisNexis) I&T: Insurance and Tax (LexisNexis) ILJ: Industrial Law Journal (Juta) ITR: Income Tax Reporter (LexisNexis) T H R H R : Ty d s k r i f v i r Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg (LexisNexis) Cession Scott, S 'Sessie en eiendomsoordrag' 2011 THRHR 372. Contract law Rautenbach, I 'Constitution and contract: The application of the Bill of Rights to contractual clauses and their enforcement Bredenkamp v Standard Bank of SA Ltd' 2011 THRHR 510. Corporate law Esser, I-M and Delport, P 'The duty of care, skill and diligence: The King Report and the 2008 Companies Act' 2011 THRHR 449. Credit law Renke, S 'Aspects of incidental credit in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005' 2011 THRHR 464. Roestoff, M and Smit, A 'Noncompliance with time periods - should the debt review procedure lapse once a reasonable time has expired? - Pelzer v Nedbank Limited' 2011 THRHR 501. Damages and loss of support Steynberg, L 'Die belang van die onderskeid tussen algemene en spesi fieke gebeurlikhede by eise vir verlies aan onderhoud' 2011 THRHR 386. Husband and wife De Jong, M 'The cut-off date for determining accrual claims: A cruel decision and a better decision' 2011 THRHR 472. IT law Van der Merwe, D 'XBRL and the law: The legal implications of mark-up languages' 2011 THRHR 418. Labour law - 'Misconduct arbitrations: The CCMA's new guidelines' 2011 EL 4. Grogan, J 'Panellist protected: Public Protector "red-cards" the CCMA' 2011 EL 4. Grogan, J 'Not necessarily essential: Developments in essential services law' 2011 EL 4. Grogan, J 'Interdicting disciplinary hearings: Will the Labour Court intervene?' 2011 EL 4. Grogan, J 'Protecting the stigmatised: Dismissals for HIV, AIDS and sex change' 2011 EL 4. Le Roux, R 'Getting clarity: The difference between compensation, damages, reinstatement and backpay' 2011 ILJ 1520. Myburgh, A 'Reviewing the review test: Recent judgments and developments' 2011 ILJ 1497. Ndumo, ME 'Towards a comprehensive regulation of work and family responsibilities in the Lesotho labour market: A case study of the banking sector' 2011 ILJ 1546. Monetary law Akharwaray, Z 'Retirement annuities and emigration' 2011 I&T 25. Dillon, N 'The potential effect of missing a premium on a longterm insurance policy on the 20% rule' 2011 I&T 32. Nevondwe, L 'Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act 24 of 1956: A social security measure to escape destitution' 2011 I&T 2. Privacy Neethling, J 'Die reg op privaatheid en die Staat as regspersoon' 2011 THRHR 456. Property law Boraine, A and Van Wyk, J 'Reconsidering the plight of the five foolish maidens: Should the unsecured creditor stake a claim in real security?' 2011 THRHR 347. Public law Stevens, P 'Unravelling the entrapment enigma: Reflections on the role of the mental health expert in the assessment of battered woman syndrome and coercive control advanced in support of a defence of nonpathological criminal incapacity (1)' 2011 THRHR 432. Swanepoel, M 'End of life decisions with regard to the mentally disordered patient in South Africa' 2011 THRHR 402. Road Accident Fund Ahmed, R 'Finding the intention of the legislature - RAF v Monjane' 2011 THRHR 494. 50 DE REBUS, DECEMBER 2011 Sale Pretorius, C-J 'Reliance, waiver and the tacit revival of contracts governed by the Alienation of Land Act 68 of 1981 - Sewpersadh v Dookie' 2011 THRHR 482. Tax - 'Taxation Laws Amendment Act 7 of 2010: Corporate restructuring provisions' 2011 ITR 245. Dachs, P 'Debt funding and the deductibility of interest' 2011 The Taxpayer 149. Daffue, H 'Buy and sell from 1 May 2011 under the new Companies Act' 2011 I&T 27. Emslie, T 'Prescription of tax assessments - when does the three-year period begin, and when is an assessment "raised"?' 2011 The Taxpayer 163. Mazansky, E 'Is there a conflict between section 24B of the Act and paragraph 20(1)(a) of the Eighth Schedule?' 2011 The Taxpayer 143. Van Rooyen, R 'Judgment pending objection and appeal - life before and after Sepataka' 2011 The Taxpayer 146. Henk Delport BA LLD (UP) is a professor of law at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. E-mail: q

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