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with the latest A/C Service Systems, Leak Detection and Testing Tools from CARQUEST ® Tools & Equipment. ROBINAIR ® RAR AC1234-6 R-1234yf/Hybrid Compatible A/C Service System SAE J2843 C O M L P I A N See pages 24-26.


Diagnosing Mobile HVAC System Airflow

See p. 3 See p. 3


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® OTC 3200




3200 Smart Battery Tester

Utilize the Power of Your Smartphone or Tablet! Test battery, starting and charging systems in less than 3 minutes using your smartphone or tablet. A comprehensive, full color data report is sent directly to your smart device. The internal 9V battery is able to test deeply discharged batteries. How It Works: Download the OTC3200 App (compatible with iOS and Android devices) and scan the QR code on the battery tester to immediately see battery test results. To receive data about the starting and charging system, start the engine and scan the next QR code to receive results. Smart devices (not included) must have a rear-facing camera to meet full requirements. With Smart purchase Battery Tester of from OTC OTC 3200 ® . Redeemable after purchase boschrebates.com Battery Reset Tool has all you need to quickly and easily reset the battery life. The 3112 Battery Reset Tool has the latest software to work on today?s vehicles where a battery reset procedure is required. Don?t bother with more expensive tools with scanning features you don?t need. The OTC 3112 Battery Reset Tool is reliable, affordable and gets the job done. For use with: Late Model Ford F-Series Trucks, Late Model BMW, Late Model Mini Cooper.

H&S Autoshot


Stud Buddy

If you own a Stud Welder, you need a Stud Buddy. The Stud Buddy allows for sensitive control of a pull and quick, easy multi-pulls across a large repair area. UTR UNI-7600


H&S Autoshot


UNI-SPOTTER Welding Studs

Flexpert: 2.2 mm, for regular sheet metal damage. UTR 1001


Requires downloading the FREE OTC 3200 APP after purchase for full functionality.



Battery Reset Tool

with Purchase of the OTC ® 3200 Heavyweight: 2.6 mm, designed for heavy-hit areas UTR 1002




Extract or Exchange Differential, Engine Oil, Transmission, Power Steering, Coolant and Transfer Case Fluids Two 5 GPM diaphragm pumps allows for deep vacuum for extraction of high viscosity liquids regardless of temperature conditions. Air operated ? no need to waste time locating and connecting to battery terminals. Two dedicated pumps ? no cross contamination between used and new liquids. Does not require disconnection of lines or hoses for operation. MCV 500-9025


36 Months* Sale Price: $1,799.99

CLIPLIGHT LED Rechargeable HEMImini

? This super bright and compact light runs for 4 hours at 1000 lumens or for a full 8 hours at 500 lumens. Powered by a single advanced LED and a smart lithium ion battery. Includes mini-USB charger. CLP 114301

$109.89 $15.19

HBW 770756




Power/Ground Outlet

Plug the tool into the cigarette lighter or power accessory receptacle. You now have a ground and power source on the dash. The plug light will come on to signal the plug is properly connected and both power and ground are available at the posts. For power, connect to the positive (+) terminal. For electrical ground, attach ground wire from the instrument to be grounded to the negative (-) terminal. LST 32150



Hobart Black Impact Series


Welding Helmet

The Impact Series ? provides a 7.05 square inch (3.81 x 1.85?) viewing area lens, 3 arc sensors for more effective arc detection, as well as both weld and grind modes. With a 1/25,000 second reaction time and a wider range of shade settings from #8 - #13 (with light state #3), the welder has greater flexibility in low-light situations on MIG, Stick and TIG applications. ANSI Z87.1-2010 approved and certified to CSA/CD standards. 2 Year Warranty

2015 Genisys EVO Software Updates Now Available!

Get your shop ready to service 2015 Domestic/Asian vehicles. See p. 21.

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