Nutritional practitioner in Barrie offers clients a spa-like atmosphere where they can relax and accept treatment

Colon care just a cleanse away

Hydrotherapy machine can help rid the body of toxins

NICKI CRUICKSHANK Barrie Business Your colon puts up with a lot of every day. And Janette Boyter wants to help wash that all away. Clearing out nasty toxins and residue might not sound therapeutic and relaxing. But, with Boyter's colon hydrotherapy machine, flushing away inner waste has never been more satisfying. "You're basically working the colon to flush out any toxins and any fecal matter," said Boyter, a nutritional practitioner and owner of Halcyon Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxification Services in Barrie. "It's a real workout for your colon, exercising the muscle and getting it cleaned out. "The biggest thing I saw as a nutritional practitioner was digestive issues and people with constipation problems. People don't understand about detoxing," she added. "Constipation relief is a big part of this. It's also good in preparation for a colonoscopy and it will help with the prevention of colon cancer. Located at 80 Bradford St., the centre has a spa-like feel throughout to help clients relax and accept their treatment. The name, Halcyon, means tranquil or peaceful, which is exactly the feeling Boyter wants to instill in her clients. "I certainly didn't want a clinical feel in here," Boyter said. "Some people are already a little tense when they first come for treatment. I wanted a nice relaxing and comfortable place for them to come." The colon hydrotherapy machine, called the Angel of Water, might seem a bit awkward to use, but Boyter said its benefits are easy to see, literally. "It's a 45-minute treatment and it (the machine) is gravity fed and uses UV-filtered water to flush the colon," she said, noting that a small water tube is inserted only an inch or so into the rectum, and the patient is covered waist-down with a blanket. "This machine feeds right into a septic system and there's a vent so there's no smell. There's a mirror mounted to it so people can actually see what's being flushed out of them." Not everyone looks, Boyter said, but many are curious about the process. "It's about awareness and I love when someone finishes a colon hydrotherapy session and says 'Wow, that was interesting to see'," said Boyter. "I've had patients lose three pounds in one treatment session, which isn't good, but it's good for the body to release it." Boyter said her second machine, a Soqi, is made in Japan and is an Infrared sauna, a chi energizer and a detoxifier all in one. It's a 30-minute treatment and the chi component moves your body like a fish. "It generates flow and movement and does a complete detox of your circulatory IAN MCINROY Photo Janette Boyter, of Halcyon Colon Hydrotherapy and Detoxification Services, stands next to a colon hydrotherapy treatment machine called the Angel of Water, located in her offices at the 80 Bradford St. complex. Boyter officially opened her business May 11 during a ceremony with colleagues, friends and patients and invites area residents to learn about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. For more information, visit levels, lymphatic systems and cleanses the skin," said Boyter. "The sauna part warms you up and relaxes your muscles. But, because it's a detox process you will go into a healing crisis, go into shock, if you move too fast. "You go slowly, allowing the body time to process the motions and you have to drink water before and after." Along with either treatment, Boyter offers nutritional counseling as well. Since opening this spring, Halcyon has had many clients seek out these refreshing treatments. "I've registered 45 people and I have one client who bought six sessions," Boyter said. "I have repeat clients and I love it when they tell me how good they feel after. "I've also had referrals from clients, which is the biggest compliment to me. I'm thrilled to give them relieve and educate them about their bodies." AD{65384953} Pricing varies for treatments, but your first Angel of Water treatment is $100. Treatment packages are also available. Nutrition counsel sessions are $120 for the first time and $65 to $80 for additional sessions. Boyter said her clients' 'business' is hers as well, and she's here to get them talking about their internal health. "Colorectal cancer is one of the biggest killers because people don't want to talk about it," she said. "If you're aware that you haven't had a crap in four days, you know something's wrong. "My goal is to get people talking," she added, "if they're having bowel troubles or circulation issues." Appointments can be booked online for client convenience. For more information on these various treatments, call 705-241-1278, or visit

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