LEVEL, PUMPS & TELEMETRY ø 25mm 32 More Float Switches 1/8" Length of cable Switching Voltage Operating Temperature Material 126mm RF-0V61 1 x Reed Probe Assemblies Probe Components APS - 3C APS - 5C APS-3C 3-way APS-5C 5-way * 3 or 5-way holder * Steel locking ring * 3 or 5 x 1m 304 S/S probes * Suitable for use with all liquid level relays e.g. TE101 - APS-3C, DLR - APS-5C * Max temperature: 100°C * Cut Probes to suit application PS-5S PF-101 APS-3 AF-12 PF-102 PF-101P Description PF-103 Code PF-104 3 Probe holder only (6 mm thread) APS-3 5 Probe holder only PS-5S Steel Locking ring for holders AF-12 Spacers (porcelain) PF-101 Spacers (plastic) PF-101P Connecting nut (304 stainless steel) PF-102 Tank probe PF-104 1 Metre 304 stainless steel rod 6mmØ PF-103 Optical Level Sensor IP68 Capacitive Level Sensors for Solids Optical sensor with infra red light for use in liquids such as oil, water, sewerage, beer, wine etc. (3/8" PT) SD10G-ARN1 (NPN NO) SD10G-ARP1 (PNP NO) VP02-230TB Un-modulated Switching Current Max. (A) DC: 100mA AC: 100mA Max ambient light 90mm Reed 1 40mm Reed 2 RF-PV2 2 x Reed RF-OV61 RF-PV2 * Thread Size: 1/8" PF * Output Reed Switch @ 1A 250VAC 1/8" 120mm * Switching 1xReed Switch 2xReed Switches NO Top NO, Bot. NC * Max Pressure: 4kg/cm 2 * Material: Polypropylene (PP) * Specific Gravity: 0.7 S.G. 2 metres 10-28VDC (NPN, N.O.) 230VAC (N.O.) -20°C to 80°C Polysulphone 5000 lux 100 lux DC Units for use with Relay Type CLR1 pg 10


Capacitive level sensor for solid, fluid or granulated substances. 32mm Ø VR1A VR1B 8mm 15mm Sensing Sensing 5 metres 20-30VDC (1k?) 0°C to 70°C Polyester 10A @ 250VAC For use with amplifier Relay Type CLR2 pg 10 For 1 Level Control only Link 5 & 8 Probe 5, 6, 7 R=Relay SUPPLY VOLTAGE 230VAC SUPPLY VOLTAGE


Universal Sensor (4-20mA) Stainless Steel Plastic LLS2.5/5 LLS10/15 TST20 2.5m depth 10m depth 20m depth 5m cable 15m cable 25m cable * Supply voltage: 11 to 40VDC * Output: 4-20mA * Stainless steel housing 316 S/S (for LLS sensors) * Temperature: -20 to 85°C * Linearity ±0.2% OFF.S. * The stainless steel strainer-cap easily removed for cleaning (for LLS sensors). * Insulation: >100m? @ 250VDC Conductive Probe Kits IP65 Coated CP2/C 2-Way CP3/C 3-Way Uncoated c/w 2 x 1 Metre x Ø 4mm Rods * Material: Nylon * Thread: 1.5" BSP * Max Temp: 70?C CP2 2-Way CP3 3-Way DD3 EP1/C c/w 3 x 1 Metre Ø 4mm Rods Accessories Code Description CP2/CX 2-Way head only CP3/CX 3-Way head only DD2 2-Way Probe Spacer DD3 3-Way Probe Spacer EP1/C Spare 1m s/s Rod coated EP1/U Spare uncoated s/s Rod 1m EP1/EXT M4 Connecting Nut Brass Coating of the rods improves resistance, prevents switching caused by frothing or condensation. RHE

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