Amish mantle and miracle invention help home heat bills hit rock bottom

Miracle heaters being given away free with orders for real Amish fireplace mantles to announce the invention that helps slash heat bills, but Amish craftsmen under strain of early Christmas rush force household limit of 2 Save money: only uses about 9¢ electric an hour; so turn down your thermostat and never be cold again By MARK WOODS Universal Media Syndicate (UMS) Everyone hates high heat bills. But we're all sick and tired of simply turning down the thermostat and then being cold. Well now, the popular HEAT SURGE® miracle heaters are actually being given away free to the general public for the next 7 days starting at precisely 8:00 a.m. today. The only thing readers have to do is call the National Distribution Hotline before the 7-day deadline with their order for the handmade Amish Fireplace Mantle. Everyone who does is instantly being awarded the miracle heater absolutely free. This is all happening to announce the HEAT SURGE Roll-n-Glow® Fireplace which actually rolls from room-toroom so you can turn down your thermostat and take the heat with you anywhere. That way, everyone who gets them first can immediately start saving on their heat bills. Just in time for winter weather, portable Amish encased fireplaces are being delivered directly to the doors of all those who beat the deadline. These remarkable fireplaces with patent pending technology are being called a miracle because they have a stunning fireless flame that gives you the peaceful flicker of a real fire but without any flames, fumes, smells, ashes or mess. Everyone is getting them because they require no chimney and no vent. You just plug them in. The Fireless Flame® looks so real it amazes everybody because it has no real fire. So ? GENUINE AMISH MANTLES MADE IN THE HEARTLAND OF OHIO: Everyone wants to save money on heat bills this winter, so entire Amish communities are working from the crack of dawn to build these real wood fireplace mantles to last forever. The Light Honey Oak mantle is a real steal at just two hundred ninety-eight dollars because all those who beat the order deadline by calling the National Hotline at 1-866-815-7110 to order the fireplace mantles are actually getting the hitech imported Fireless Flame HEAT SURGE miracle heaters for free. what's the catch? Well, soft spoken Amish craftsmen who take their time hand building the mantles have a process that forces a strict household limit of 2 to keep up with orders. "We can barely keep up ever since we started giving heaters away free. With winter just around the corner, everyone's trying to get them. Amish craftsmen are working their fingers to the bone to be sure everyone gets their delivery in time for Christmas," confirms Frederick Miller, National Shipping Director. "These portable Roll-n- Glow Fireplaces are the latest home decorating sensation. They actually give you a beautifully redecorated room while they quickly heat from wall to wall. It's the best way to dress up every room, stay really warm and slash your heat bills all at the same time," says Josette Holland, Home Makeover Expert. And here's the best part. Readers who beat the 7-day order deadline are getting their imported hi-tech miracle heaters free when encased in the Amish built real wood fireplace mantles. The mantles are being handmade right here in Ohio in the heartland of Amish country where they are beautifully hand-rubbed, stained and varnished. You just can't find custom made Amish mantles like this in the national chain stores. That makes the Light Honey Oak mantle a real steal for just two hundred ninety-eight dollars since the entire cost of the miracle heater is free. This free giveaway is the ADVERTISEMENT best way to slash heating bills and stay warm this fall and winter. The HEAT SURGE Roll-n- Glow Fireplace gives you zone heating and all the beauty and warmth of a built-in fireplace but rolls from room-to-room so it can also save you a ton of money on heating bills. Even people in California and Florida are flocking to get them so they may never have to turn on their furnace all winter. And since it uses only about 9 cents of electric an hour on the standard setting, the potential savings are absolutely incredible. "We are making sure no one gets left out, but you better hurry because entire communities of Amish craftsmen are straining to keep up with demands. For now, we are staying out of the large

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