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College Saint-Louis was recently awarded a $2,000 prize by the Quebec government for its Art and Water project. The project involved 200 students who became interested in fauna of the St-Lawrence River and in the restoration

John Symon


and cleaning up of one of its tributaries, Bouchard Stream. This stream is among the last ones on the island that has managed to somewhat remain more or less in a natural state. It draws its source near Sources Blvd and drains across Trudeau Airport before crossing under Dorval's Bouchard Blvd near the Queen of Angels Academy. The stream joins Lake St. Louis near Sevigny Ave. But, at the airport, the stream accumulates de-icing salts and antifreeze (glycol) which is sprayed on the aircraft in winter. Two nearby streams, Denis Stream in western Dorval and Bertrand Stream in Bois de Liesse Park, also drain the airport and surrounding industrial parks. So much glycol is found in Bertrand Stream that it no longer freezes in winter according to an undated document from The Green Coalition. Denis Stream is so badly polluted with oil and grease that it actually caught fire once; the fire department had to be called to where this stream empties into Valois Bay. Montreal draws its drinking water downstream from where Denis and Bouchard Streams join the St. Lawrence River. Despite the pollution, Bouchard Stream still harbours fish and beavers. Youths from College St- Louis' Water Committee began planting trees along the stream banks, picking up garbage there, and raising awareness of the importance of the stream. Stu-

Photo: borough of Lachine In this picture: the Principal of College Saint-Louis, teachers, students, artists, representatives from MBSB, the Mayor of Lachine, GRAME Lachine, Interlex and Montréal's RSMA

College St-Louis Essor wins award

Students try to save Bouchard Stream

dents also asked Bell Canada to "free the stream" that was put underground some 30 years ago to make way for a parking lot at 200 Bouchard Blvd. The teenagers would like to see Bell help the community to restore and clean up the stream. Municipal councils of both the City of Dorval and the borough of Lachine unanimously supported a resolution presented by the student members of the Water Committee. A round table has been created since then, reuniting airport officials, Bell Canada and municipal authorities in an effort to improve the Bouchard watercourse. Through this project, the students learned about the fragility of our ecosystem and the need to protect the habitat where fish, birds, and mammals reproduce. The project has generated new partners; now many public and private schools from Montreal and from Kahnawake have joined in efforts to improve the health of local watercourses through the ART et Water project. This $2,000 prize awarded to College St-Louis is due, in large part, to the implication of the artist and painter Maja Vodanovic as well as of the arts and art history teachers, Jovette Aubin and Christelle Senecal. Because of this regional award, the school is now eligible for the provincial finals next February. According to the Quebec Ministry of Education,

6 OCTOBER 13, 2012 *



Leisure and Sports, "The Essor... Awards are given out each year to recognize the excellence, efforts and enthusiasm of the educators and school authorities who help young people undertake innovative and imaginative projects at school." College St-Louis-with campuses in Lachine and in LaSalle-is a French language public international school in the Marguerite- Bourgeoys School Board (MBSB) with 930 students from grades 7 to 11.

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