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Montreal Earth Shake

When our region shook at 12:19AM Wednesday, what did you think? Bettman had bodyslammed Fehr? That Red Bull junkie had smacked down to earth? Zambito's cement shoes had finally been delivered? By Thursday night, the Zen question was 'what is the sound of NHL pucks not dropping?'. Rick Moffat Sports This planet of ours could use a shakeup. I'd like to think what startled us both nights was an outbreak of common sense. There's plenty of evidence to support my case, in the CFL alone. This week Ottawa took a major step closer to returning the Canadian game to our nation's capital (with my apologies to Queen Pauline). Going back to Frank Clair Stadium at Lansdowne Park will bring back fond 999102812 memories for me. Ottawa had "street meat" to rival the vendors outside Toronto's train station. Ottawa always had the coolest named quarterbacks: Julius Caesar Watts and Prince McJunkins the 3rd. Hardly the Banal by the Canal, that turf hosted Wonderful Monds,Admiral Dewey Larry and Rohan Marley, who I have to believe played linebacker AND sang the anthem as well as his older brother could. Ottawa is where I learned my first obscene chant--"What the _uck's a Gee-Gee!?" at Panda Bowl games versus my alma mater Carleton. I still don't know what a Gee-Gee is, but as I recall they weren't good for much of anything. The CFL is also calling off the fashion police this week to "rock the pink" as Alouette Chris Jennings put it to me recently. Brandon London has been fined for a previous on-field fashion felony this season (a flagrant Nike swoosh tainting what is a Reebok world) to the point where he and his teammates were cautious about being caught pinkhanded before the CFL officially let players think pink. "Ventrell Jenkins' mom is dealing with some sort of cancer," London told me. "It's something that people around the world 111012713 are affected with and not just in October. That's why I wear the pink gloves in warm-up before the games. It's an inspirational thing. I still remember the day my mom called me in college. She had a cyst--it wasn't even a real bump or anything. "I cried for 2 days straight just because I thought we had to wait for a test. I can only imagine what someone else is going through when their mother says they really have breast cancer. "It's my way of saying thanks for people in the community to get more involved, thanks for stepping up with organizations and charities." The pink appeal resonates with a number of other players for very personal reasons. "My grandmother, she passed on to be with the Lord and it just came out of the blue with her," says Jennings, the former Cleveland Brown. "She was never sick or anything and it just came out of nowhere and most definitely I will be rocking the pink for her and others." "Wearing the pink in the NFL was an awesome experience...a dream come true to be on that playing field in the NFL and to support a good cause." Victor Anderson has pink packed for the road trip to Toronto. 111012713 "You can never go wrong wearing it and putting the name of someone, your loved ones or those suffering from breast cancer. I'll have some pink on. It's touched my family as it has hundreds of thousands all over the country and back in the States and all over the world. "My grandmother passed away of cancer, it's a terrible disease.We'll just continue to fight it and try to find ways to beat it. I commend the doctors and nurses putting in a great effort to do so." Alouette kick-returner Trent Guy:"I would definitely be wearing pink, I'm a big supporter-I have a breast cancer survivor in my family, as well as we lost a family member last year. I'm big into supporting, trying to find a cure." The C-word especially resonates with Als fans because of AC. "With myself and my family and other people, it's touched and affected so many," admits Anthony Calvillo. "It's always good to bring awareness because at the end of the day you're trying to raise money to cure this ugly disease and the only way to do that is to create awareness." "The CFL is doing that...and I think it's great because it's one of those things...you just do not want to be affected by it." Anthony and Alexia are hoping October marks her 5 years in remission. He's pondered a remission party but isn't sure about the etiquette. Life is always worth celebrating. Did you hear Alan- Michael Cash's confession on Thanksgiving Monday? He admitted on the CJAD postgame show that he "borrowed" his sack celebration from a college teammate. In the trenches, it's a 'bury or be buried' world so Cash celebrates sacks by working his imaginary shovel to dig a grave for rival quarterbacks. "We had a pretty good defense at NC State and I told my guy I was using it. He's says as long as I'm getting it done." The Als have a tradition of flamboyant sack dancers: Junior AhYou's Hawaiian fire dance is my alltime favourite. In Nouveau Alouettes history (since the rebirth in '96) Grant Carter fired sixguns. Elfrid Peyton revealed the flexibility of James Brown to crouch low for his "freeze move." "Elfrid used to get yelled at in Winnipeg by Coach Dave Ritchie during warm-ups for dancing to this 70's soul song that taught you a dance step," recalls former CFL allstar turned CJAD analyst Dave Mudge, now an investment 777082612 advisor with BMO-Nesbitt Burns. As an o-lineman, he was trained not to notice, or even be noticed. But as Elfrid's former teammate then opponent, even Mudge had to peak and laugh. So here's to Cash digging in for better defense with his teammates. About the only things the Als were able to hold onto on Thanksgiving were 1st place and Cash's imaginary shovel. Our CJAD colleague Ed Philion, never one to hold back on his emotions after a sack NFL or CFL, suggests Cash take it to the next level like Tito Ortiz and pile some imaginary dirt onto the imaginary grave. After hitting 4.5 this week, Montreal, whatever it takes to feel the earth move. Rick Moffat is Sports Director and Voice of the Alouettes and Montreal Impact on CJAD 800, www.cjad.com follow on: twitter@RickMoffat . If you would like to send Rick a letter please e-mail: rickmoffat @westendtimes.ca Comment on this article at: www.westendtimes.ca * OCTOBER 13, 2012 5 888090212





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