Apps help Montrealers hail a cab Photos: TAG taxi?

Taxi Diamond & TAG taxi? work together

Good news for tech-savvy Montrealers

TAG taxi?, a free smartphoneapplication, is now working with Taxi Diamond, Quebec's biggest taxi broker,to help Montrealers hail a cab. This

John Symon

Special agreement will improve the technology offer for ordering taxis in Montreal, marrying taxi expertise with a unique mobile expertise and client-oriented approach.The app (application software) is currently available for iPhones and Android smartphones. A Black- Berry version is in the works, but no release date has yet been announced. "TAG taxi continues to grow and develop a strong network," explains Patrick Gagné, TAG taxi? CEO. "Our partnership withTaxi Diamond is due to similar corporate cultures: the desire to continuously improve our services with the help of technology. We have always put users at the heart of the taxi experience and, our collaboration with Taxi Diamond follows that line. Because of this agreement, users will benefit from a fleet of over a thousand vehicles and an unparalleled coverage in Montreal." "Using TAG taxi is quicker than calling for a cab,because of the auto- mated processing of the call.Added to that is the geolocation of the TAG user,which simplifies the address confirmation for the taxi company.A surprisingly high number of callers don't know the address they are calling from (for example,when they are in a public place), so this feature is important.Another frustration factor for a lot of users was the fact that, once the dispatcher had finished the call,they-the users-had no way to verify when the taxi would come (or, sometimes, whether it would come at all). Now, the app clearly indicates which vehicle will come to pick them up, and users can follow the car's journey to them on their screen," concludes Gagné. "For over 90 years,Taxi Diamond has continuously aimed to innovate in insuring dispatch to taxi drivers," says Dominique Roy, president and general manager of Taxi Diamond de Montréal. "Each innovation we brought has come a long way to improve the quality of taxi customer service. We are therefore very proud to work with the TAG taxi team. Our vision, which is expressed through cuttingedge services such as taxi-sharing, a high quality service and preferential relationship with our clients - is perfectly in line with the TAG taxi? vision." From now on,TAG taxi users in Montreal, will see a Taxi Diamond car come their way (or Taxi Candare, in the Cartierville and St-Laurent districts). Both Taxi Diamond and TAG taxi smartphone applications were launched in 2012. Similar apps offered by rival companies can be found elsewhere in the world with different models of operation. TAG taxi is also available in Trois-Rivières and has plans to expand to Toronto soon. TAG taxi? is a company created in Montreal in 2011, initiated by Prospek, an integrated communication agency, specialized in interactive business strategies.TAG taxi offers taxi ordering services via smart * OCTOBER 13, 2012 3 555102912 phones, contributes to easing access to taxis in urban areas and optimizes urban transportation. To know more, please visit and download the application. L'Association de Taxi Diamond de Montréal is the second biggest taxi broker in Canada. Founded in 1922, Taxi Diamond has over 1,000 taxi vehicles to provide its services. Each year, Taxi Diamond provides over 5 million taxi rides in Montreal. Taxi Diamond was the first taxi company to use GPS tools to dispatch calls in Montreal.

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