LatinArte: Colours and Rhythms from Southern Lands

The 4th edition of LatinArte, a festival that celebrates the Latin American culture in Montreal was officially launched on September 28. On the occasion, representatives from the City of Montreal, ScotiaBank the main corporate sponsor of the event,

Sergio Martinez


and members of various Latin American organizations were present. LatinArte is directed by Angela Sierra, a Colombian-born woman who holds degrees in Communications and in Film Studies now living in Canada. She is supported in the organization of this event by a dedicated team and a good number of volunteers. The diversity of artis- tic and cultural expressions was emphasized by the organizers who this year offered a program that featured at the cabaret Lion d'Or an evening of boleros- the romantic music originated in Mexico but extended throughout most of the conti- nent-with Claudia Salguero a Colombianborn singer now residing in Ottawa; a

Two young dancers with the local group Raíces de Colombia (photo LatinArte) Iran Plata, originally from Cuba now living in Montreal, and one of his works (photo LatinArte)

Bohemian Night of Poetry and Literature in Spanish at the Montréal Arts Interculturels (MAI); an evening of traditional dances held at theatre Outremont with the participation of local groups that interpret folk dances from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Martinique, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, to underline that dance makes indeed a good mix of cultures, a group that also showed the rich dancing tradition of this province was also part of the show; and the screening at Concordia University of the Quebec-made film "L'incrédule" directed by Federico Hidalgo, with a cast made of local Latino actors and spoken in Spanish. Cultural and social issues were also part of this festival, perhaps one of the most interesting sessions in this category was the one titled "You Are Part of History" held this past Sunday at the Montreal History Centre.For the occasion members of the Latin American community were asked to bring an object that may have some significance in their experi- ence as immigrants to Canada and share that experience with the audience. This past Monday at McGill University there was a symposium called "Latin America: Past, Present, and Future" hosted by José Ramón Jouve Martin, a professor and chair of the Interdisciplinary Program in Latin Amer- ican and Caribbean Studies at McGill. Latin American bloggers also had the chance to hold their fourth conference this Thursday at the Grande Bibliothèque. For those interested in the visual arts, the exhibition "Las Américas: Six Glances on the Continent" will remain open until October 13 showing the works by six artists of Latin American origin now living in Canada: Iran Plata, Julian Palma, Rodolfo Moraga, Luis Argumedes, Lucia Barreto y Suzanne Maurice. Particularly impressive are the works by Plata displaying all the exuberance and colour from their Caribbean inspiration presenting images that are halfhuman,half fantastic beings while at the same time denouncing social injustices. Also of great interest are the large murals by Palma, presenting a universe of imaginary characters. This contemporary art exhibition is open to the public free of charge at Casa d'Italia, 505 Jean Talon East, Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday:12 pm to 6 p.m. Thursday: 12 pm to 8 pm. LatinArte has a trilingual website that can be visited at:

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