111121612 Vol. 18, No. 6 Saturday, October 6, 2012 Hudson, St. Lazare, Senneville, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Baie d'Urfe, Beaconsfield, Chateauguay, Kirkland, Pte. Claire, Pierrefonds, D.D.O., Dorval, Lachine, NDG, CSL, Ville St-Laurent, Mtl-West, Hampstead, Westmount, Montreal, Lasalle, Verdun, Laval

Happy Thankgiving 2012

We have so much to be thankful for. While I love the change of seasons I'm thankful I don't live in a town that's had snow already like Scott Gomez. He called me early one morning while driving in the dark to his gym workout before hitting the ice with his home- Rick Moffat Sports town Alaska Aces. Habs might suggest he faces a dark future with the Canadiens. Angry comments immediately boiled over on my facebook page when I tweeted the first Gomez musings from CJAD's website. I was expecting 3-5 minutes, but we chatted for more than 15 minutes about everything from Carey Price to PK Subban before I finally figured out a polite way to ask him what I really wanted to ask him. "What do you say to your fans who are worried you may not have a future with this team's new regime of Bergevin- Therrien?" Gomez was adept at dodging that with his classic sarcasm as he is at avoiding checks on the ice. "I didn't know I had any fans there...." he laughs at his own misfortune, and cynical fans will suggest at the same time at his own very very good fortune. "We need a fresh start....no one more so than me." He was blunt and candid. What he didn't say was as revealing as what he did say. It's clear to me he's talked to "Therrien 2" about earning his keep. He insists he has no problem if he's relegated to the 4th line all year. "I'll play defense if they want me to." Therrien may bring out what's left of the best of Scott Gomez. A return to the toughlove from Pat Burns of which he's often spoken. Let's just say I got the distinct impression "Gomer" is not going to miss Randy Cunneyworth. I'm assuming the same goes for Randy Ladouceur. Scott revealed to me that he'd gone on the ice earlier than ever to resume his offseason training. He also spent some time with Max Pacioretty, describing him as "a beast" determined 999102812 111012713 to prove himself worthy of the big contract extension. 3RD&EXTREMELY LONG: Chris Jennings has faced 4th and long in his life,so waiting 4 years for his first CFL touchdown was no problem. The Alouette runningback scored his first touchdown Canadian style, lost in the Steeltown ashes of that upsetting loss to the Tiger-Cats. "I've had some detours," Jennings says of his jump from the Als' practise roster where he served as backup to the backup Brandon Whitaker behind Avon Cobourne for parts of '08-09. "Brandon and me was grinding it out." From that obscurity Jennings jumped to the NFL and within weeks was a Browns starter. By summer 2011 he was cut loose with no one interested. "I just got tired of sitting at home on the couch waiting for the call from the NFL," Jennings admits. He kept himself in shape playing pickup basketball back home inArizona. He'd asked Jim Popp if he could come to camp. The Als calling him? That was like out of the blue. CoachTrestman denies he's threatening to steal Victor Anderson's job, butVA knows Jennings if bigger, stronger and capable. "He's gotta push me and I gotta push him. A spot is never guaranteed." INCONCIEVABLE:I'm thankful Montreal Impact expert Gio Sardo tweeted some classic video of"Princess Bride" this week. My nephew actually got married to the wedding song from the movie. Classic Mark Knopfler, you should know. That wedding reception of my nephew's was the first time I ever tried wasabi. Figured it was to sushi what guacamole was to nachos. Not only did I heap it on, I doubledipped. I never saw the punch in the nose coming, but I've been hooked on wasabi overdose ever since. ALL MY EX'S AREN'T IN TEXAS: They're in Washington DC. They are the Nationals. They are NOT the Expos. Aaron Rand suggested to me they ARE the Washington Expos, so I told him what I told Andrew Carter: If my ex wins the lottery and isn't sharing a penny with me, I don't have to be happy for her. Major League Baseball turned its back on us. Washington didn't want us. They didn't even want Youppi. They can keep their champagne celebrations. Only wusses put ski goggles on at clinching parties. I 111012713 will not be wishing anyone in Washington a "Merry Clinch-mas" this October,as signs in their downtown ballpark urged. Bah humbug. My Mr. Octobers are grinches named Brochu, Samson and Loria. WILD AND CRAZY PROPHETIC GUY: In my formative years, the "Wild and Crazy Guy" album was a huge influence from the moment my Lachine buddies arranged listening sessions in their "70's Show"-worthy basement rec-rooms. Even before the Grammies confirmed it, we knew Steve Martin was genius and that he was right about the banjo. All this to say if your spirit needs uplift and your soul needs a good massage,check out the new Mumford&Sons. "Whispers in the Dark", "Hopeless Wanderer" and "Not With Haste" are my faves, while "I Will Wait" MORE SAVING, LESS CHIRPING: My guilty pleasure is late-nite sparing for the Dorval Oldtimers and being a goalie whose mouth is as big as my 5-hole, I gotta tell you about Pierre "Canard". He doesn't always have a stuffed duck on his helmet when he's shooting at me, but he does change it up almost every week. He's scored a hat-trick on me with a stuffed racoon on his head. So when he lit me up for 2 early goals this week (5 in less than a game and a half) I couldn't resist hollering before puck-drop on a faceoff to my left. "Don't you ever pass the puck?" I teased, stir it up guy that I am. "Only passed you," he shot back before scoring another goal. LOST IN TRANSLA- TION: Did you hear the soundbite of Brendon Marshall I playedTuesday morning on the Andrew Carter Morning Show? Tony Romo had matched his careerworst 5 interceptions in a game including 2 pick- 6's, but Marshall registered his first TD and 100+ performance of the season. He quoted his coach saying it was a case of "shot glass or the wheelbarrow." That's a new one on me. Rick Moffat is Sports Director and Voice of the Alouettes and Montreal Impact on CJAD 800, www.cjad.com follow on: twitter@RickMoffat . If you would like to send Rick a letter please e-mail: rickmoffat @westendtimes.ca Comment on this article at: www.westendtimes.ca * OCTOBER 6, 2012 5 777082612

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